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Previously: Juanita got into the same private school that MJ goes to (and where Susan works). Danny decided he liked Ana. Bree begged Orson to help her get into heaven. Katherine went nuts and was committed. Tom and Lynette lost a baby, but she wouldn't talk to him about it. Mary Alice Voiceover tells us how to host a dinner party, as Bob and Lee prepare for one: Polish the good silver, keep the music at a low volume, serve the wine the guests bring, and make a toast. Tom and Lynette show up with wine, and then Tom toasts Bob and Lee for the dinner, but Lee says it's not over yet. It's time for his so-sweet-it'll-kill-you fruit tart (my favorite kind). Bob forgot to buy whipped cream, so Bob and Lee bicker about that and then about their jobs. Lee gets out a book to write, and they explain to Tom and Lynette that it's his feelings journal from therapy, where they write down negative feelings. Bob says Lee wrote an entire chapter about him forgetting to put down the toilet seat. Lynette thought that would be an advantage of two guys living together. Bob: "You'd think." Lee keeps writing. Tom tells Lynette they should think about seeing someone, but she'd rather talk about it later. Only Tom says she won't, because she never does. Lynette: "You know how I feel about therapy. It's for weak, indulgent..." Then she remembers where she is, and finishes "... straight people. You guys totally make it work." She tells Tom to drop it, and MAVO finishes that the number one rule of a successful dinner party: "Keep discussion of your marriage to an absolute minimum." Opening titles.

MAVO introduces us to the Fairview Health Center's psychologist, who spends his days treating everyone: antisocial adolescents, delusional dowagers, and bipolar businessmen. But lately his most interesting patient was a housewife who had a nervous breakdown. Of course, it's Katherine, who explains to the therapist how lonely she was before Mike came along and made her laugh and gave her hope again. So when he turned out to be in love with someone else, she went back to being lonely, but worse because he and Susan lived right across the street. So one day she pretended that it wasn't Susan's hand he was holding, but hers. Her therapist asks if that's how the fantasies started. Katherine cries as she says she'd let herself imagine he was there when she was hurting, but then she let those moments take over because she preferred them to reality. Therapist asks if the medication's helping, and she says she has a firmer grasp on reality and can see things clearly for the first time in a long while. The therapist thinks it's great, but Katherine says not really, because now she can see that she's ruined her life. Dana Delany is great in this scene, with just the right amount of crying without going over the top into sentimentality.

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