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Hodges. Orson hears the doorbell ring, and a light bulb goes off above his head. The physical therapist lets herself in, and he's on the floor calling for her help. She's concerned, of course, and he tells her he was trying to get the waffles when he fell out of his chair. She asks what they were doing up there, and then we cut to Bree responding to the physical therapist's later accusations: "Starving him?! That's ridiculous!" Bree tells her she would have had to be there for the waffles-on-the-shelf incident. Orson meekly says, "Could someone please get me a piece of bread?" Bree yells at him, and he says, "Please hit me in the leg this time. There's no feeling there." The physical therapist asks to speak to Bree privately. Bree says she would never hit him, and the therapist believes her but says withholding food is a problem. Bree says he wouldn't say please, and has been impossible lately. Physical therapist says he's facing life in a wheelchair, so she's going to have to learn to be more patient or the physical therapist is going to report it. Then she tells Bree to give him a bath, since physical therapy shouldn't require gloves.

Angie delivers a package to Bob and Lee that was left at her place. They see Danny and Ana walk by, and Angie says that relationship's not going to last long, since she doesn't approve. Lee says anything she does will drive Danny away from Angie, and toward Ana. Then: "Look, I know what it's like when a mom hates the hottie her son loves. Bob's mom hated me." Angie, "Huh. I always thought that Bob..." But Lee interrupts that the point is that she asked him to choose, and look at them now: Lee's cuddling with Bob every night, and Mom's in a nursing home. Angie says she doesn't know Ana, and Lee says she better get to know her if she doesn't want to lose her son.

Casa de Solis. Carlos is reading the paper when Gaby comes in and asks if he got the pictures she sent. He absent-mindedly says they're wonderful; she's as beautiful as the day they met. She says not of her, of the math homework, then shows him the three math assignments, and they agree on which one's the most difficult. He's like, "Yeah, so?" Gaby, excited: "Carlos, this is the leopard's homework!" Carlos is as confused as you might think, until Gaby explains Juanita's in the advanced class. Then she says poor Susan, and she'd hate for her to find out MJ's in the slow group. Carlos says she's not telling Susan, since they've had enough drama with the neighbors lately. Gaby says fine, but she likes him better reading the newspaper and pretending to listen. He hands her his wallet and says, "Sure, take whatever you need." She scoffs, then takes it and scrams.

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