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Katherine's going through a cafeteria line at her hospital when Mrs. McCluskey shows up. Katherine asks what she's doing here, since she told them she didn't want any visitors. Mrs. McC: "Who says I'm visiting? Maybe I'm bonkers, too." Well, no one's going to disagree with that. Katherine takes off and sits down, but Mrs. McC follows. She says she owes her from when she used to visit her when her gout flared up. Mrs. McC asks when she's coming home, but Katherine says she never will after what she did to those people, who hate her. Mrs. McC says everyone will get over it, and Katherine mocks that she's sure she and Bree can laugh about her nearly destroying her business; that she and Susan can bond over her trying to ruin her marriage; and that Mike's still chuckling about her having him thrown in jail. Mrs. McC gets serious, and tells Katherine she'll bet there's more forgiveness there than Katherine imagines. Katherine says, in that case, maybe Mrs. McC is bonkers.

Casa de Solis. Carlos brings Susan in to the kitchen to see Gaby. Susan's there to give them MJ's old math books for Juanita, so she can catch up. Carlos stands behind Susan looking at Gaby, to make sure she doesn't tell her MJ's slow. Gaby just thanks her, and Susan says she thought it might help Juanita catch up from when she was out of school. Gaby says she wasn't out of school; she was homeschooling her. Susan snottily says she knows, but now she has professional teachers and will probably catch up to MJ in no time. Carlos comes around next to Gaby, leans over and whispers, "Get her." Gaby just says, oh, by the way, leopards are advanced, chipmunks are average, and giraffes are... table movers. Susan freaks out, and Gaby's like, "You said it yourself: 'It's the pace, not the race,' right?" Gaby asks her to not tell anyone, since you know how competitive some parents can get. Susan says, "Yeah, all too well," as if it's Gaby and not her. Man, I hate her. Why don't they kill her off?

Susan's. MJ's eating pasta, and has food on his face when he's done. Susan tells him it's on the right side of his face, and he wipes the left. She says, "Your right," and he wipes his forehead. Mike comes in, and Susan calls him outside to tell him the bad news. Mike says there's nothing wrong with being a giraffe, or average, but Susan reminds him chipmunks are average. She says she loves him so much; what if he's slow? Mike says he's not, and then they look inside and see MJ has his hand stuck in his milk glass. They talk him through it through the window, even though he can't hear, and they cheer when he finally gets his arm free from the glass. Mike tells her she was worried about nothing, and she agrees, then freaks out when he heads toward the toaster with a fork. Gee! Dumb kid jokes sure are funny.

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Desperate Housewives




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