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Scavos. Lynette's in the kitchen alone, and sees Tom's journal on the table. She thinks about reading it, but he comes down. They discuss therapy, and she gives him the journal. She asks if he wants to know if she read it, and he laughs, "Oh, I'd know if you read it." She grabs her keys and heads to his therapist's. Once there, she pays a gambling addict $200 cash for his therapy session. He leaves, and the therapist, played by Jane Leeves, comes out and wonders where her patient is. Lynette says she actually took his appointment, and Jane's like, "That's not how this works." She asks her if she's interested in becoming a patient, and Lynette's like, "I'm not. I'm Mrs. Tom Scavo." Jane's like, "Ah," and Lynette walks into the office. She says she is sure Tom's told a lot of stories, so here she is: Tom's bitch of a wife. Jane asks why she puts it like that, and Lynette says she's picking the most likely word. She asks what he says, and Jane says she can't tell her that. Lynette thinks that means yes, and Jane says obviously it means that to Lynette. But Lynette's onto her, and sees she's trying to therapize her. She didn't come here for that, though; just to defend herself. Jane: "So you're not a bitch?" Lynette says not all the time. She just needs to feel in control, and when she doesn't, that makes her mad. She says maybe she's mad a lot because you can't control what happens in life. Jane: "Like your baby dying?" Lynette gets sad and says she's going to sit down, but only because she's tired. When Tom comes home from work that night, he sees Lynette with a feelings journal. She says it looks like they'll be going to therapy together, which he thinks is great news. Then he asks where dinner is, since she was home all day, and she starts writing. When he asks what, she says he'll find out Tuesday at 12:30.

Oak Ridge Elementary. Susan catches up to a teacher named Colleen, and asks how MJ's doing in her math class. Colleen says he's doing such a job, which Susan says is what she gives to parents all the time if she thinks their kid is driftwood. Colleen says he's doing great, so Susan asks why he's a giraffe then, if they're slow? Colleen says she doesn't know that, but Susan says she does now, since Gaby broke the code. Colleen tries to leave, but Susan follows and yells, "Giraffes are the slow learners, and you know it!" A parent nearby hears it and immediately tells everyone she knows, even though Colleen tries to stop her. Susan gives the whole hierarchy to the parents: leopards, chipmunks, giraffes, then snottily tells Colleen that MJ is leopard. "Get used to it!"

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