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The End is Just the Beginning

Previously: This whole season happened. Susan and Mike are poor now, so they have to move off the Lane. But they're just renting, not selling the house. Rex's illegitimate son blackmailed Bree by threatening to go to the police about Andrew hitting Carlos's mom with his car way back in the first season. Patrick held Angie and Danny hostage, but Angie managed to slip a note into Gaby's lasagna asking her to get Nick. Lynette figured out Eddie was the killer, so he locked her in his house.

Mary Alice Voices Over that all Lynette could think of was her children. We get flashbacks of her memories of her four kids (and we even get the actors who played the young twins scaring her with a frog). Then she stops thinking and tells Eddie she can help him, by telling the police he almost had no choice about his mean, angry, drunken mother. He wonders about the other girls, and Lynette realizes the extent of what he's done. Still, he doesn't want to hurt her, and says he'll drive into the middle of nowhere and drop her off so he can be long gone before she calls the police. She tells him she can't go anywhere right now; her water just broke. MAVO says that now Lynette's especially thinking about the child she's about to give birth to. Title card.

MAVO introduces us to a new character. An old lady in a wheelchair, who she says was Teresa Pruitt, who used to be a maternity nurse at Fairview Hospital. We see her in the past with Julie and a baby, then Gaby and a baby, then Lynette and a baby. It was a job Teresa loved, but that was many years ago, and now she's back at Fairview Hospital as a patient. With a secret. A priest comes into her room and tells her how sorry he is. She says not to be; it's her time. Then she asks if he knew she used to be a nurse in this hospital. He remembers she just retired a few years ago, but she says it wasn't retirement. She quit out of guilt for having done something awful. He asks if she wants to take confession, but she doesn't, because confessions are private, and she wants the people who run the hospital to know what she did and make it right.

Gaby's somewhere else in the hospital asking a nurse if she can see Nick, but since it's not visiting hours, and he just came out of a coma, she can't see him if she's not immediate family. She tries to pay the nurse off with the $12 she has in her purse, only she needs $10 of it for parking, so... needless to say, the $2 bribe doesn't work on this particular nurse. The nurse tells her to come back later, but then the nurse is called away by Dr. Burke in radiology. Gaby puts some gum in her mouth and puts on her best fake Italian accent for the new nurse. She pretends she's Nick's wife Angie, and says the blond woman coming around must have been his whore. When the nurse wants to get her supervisor, Gaby says she doesn't have time for that. "I got sauce on the stove, ziti in the oven, and a moustache that needs to get bleached." The nurse leads her away to Nick's room.

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