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The End is Just the Beginning

Porter wakes up Tom, who's on the Scavo couch, by giving him a cup of coffee. Tom's like, "Did we get hammered last night or what?" Porter says, "No. You got hammered. Preston and I just followed you around apologizing to everyone." What a nice father Tom is, getting hammered like that when he went out to make his son feel better. Tom wonders if Lynette heard them come home, and Porter says she probably heard him singing on the coffee table, but she's not up yet. Preston comes down and says that Lynette's not there and the bed looks like it hasn't been slept in. Tom says she must have seen him and stormed out of here first thing. Porter, knowing his parents very well, asks why she didn't wake him up and yell at him. Tom: "Have I been stabbed?" I know I shouldn't be able to find this so amusing knowing the very real danger Lynette's in, but I do. Plus, I know how it ends, and that helps.

Andrew and Orson ask Bree how her conversation with Sam went, and she says he replied by blackmailing her. "He knows what happened to Mrs. Solis." Orson wonders what this has to do with Gaby, but Bree tells him this is about Carlos's mother, who died ten years ago after Andrew hit her with a car. She says that Danielle told Sam in some idiotic attempt to bond with him, and now he's going to tell the police. Orson's like, "Wait a minute! You never told Carlos and Gaby?" Bree, showing her true nature as a psychotic, replies curtly, "Of course not. It would have destroyed the friendship." Plus, Carlos would have sent Andrew to jail. She says that Sam wants her company, and she's going to give it to him so he doesn't go to the police. Andrew thinks she shouldn't give up everything she's worked for, and maybe it's time he pays for what he did back then. Orson says it's not right for her to give in to blackmail, and if Andrew wants to turn himself in... But Bree cuts Orson off and says this is between her and her son; would he mind? He says of course not -- but, oh, does he ever not mean it -- and wheels himself out of the room.

Gaby wakes up Nick from his coma by throwing water on his face, and then pretends she didn't. She shows him the note from Angie, and says there was a guy with Angie, pretending to be her brother. Nick says she doesn't have a brother, so Gaby asks if maybe it's Patrick Logan. She says that Angie told her everything. So Nick starts unhooking himself from everything. Gaby wonders if he can't just call the cops, but he says the second Patrick feels cornered, Angie and Danny are dead. He tells Gaby she'll have to drive him, because he still sort of has coma-head. Back at Angie's, Patrick admires her bomb and wonders if it's done. She tells him it is, and explains how it works (30 seconds after he pushes the detonator, it blows up), then asks him to let them go now. But he says she's coming to Oregon with him in case the bomb's a dud. After all, he has some trust issues as far as Angie's concerned. She asks him to let Danny go, but he says no, because if the bomb doesn't go off, he'll kill her and then come back here and kill Danny. He asks if she's sure she's done, and she guesses she'll take another look. So, he's going to leave Danny tied up the entire time they drive from wherever on the East Coast they live to Oregon and back? Won't he die from lack of food and water?

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