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The End is Just the Beginning

Susan's having a yard sale, and the whole neighborhood's turned out. Roy and Mrs. McCluskey offer herm $100 for a toy that she's charging fifty cents for. She won't accept the $100, because they're looking for a hand, not a handout. Mike comes out and says Lee might have already found a renter, which Susan says she's happy about, but she's actually uncomfortable with the thought of a stranger living in her house. Then there's a whole exchange where Mrs. Kinsky offers too little for a dining room set, and Susan won't take it. She goes so far as to kick Mrs. Kinsky offer her property and then, when Kinsky's safely on the sidewalk, Susan threatens to ram a ThighMaster down her throat. Kinsky pays the whole $300. Mike's either scared or impressed at Susan.

Lynette's in labor pain, begging Eddie to take her to a hospital. He says he can't, because she'll tell someone about him, but she says she doesn't care about him and just cares about the baby. Just then, Tom sees her car and calls the boys to say he found mom; she's at Eddie's. He knocks on the door right after Eddie agrees to take her to the hospital. Eddie, panicked, covers her mouth as she tries to scream out to Tom, and they struggle the whole time Tom talks to her. He assumes she's giving him the silent treatment and says he'll have flowers for her when she gets home. He leaves, and Eddie says he's sorry and will take her to a hospital now. Apparently, the struggle pushed the labor into hyper-speed, because she says it's too late and Eddie's going to have to deliver the baby. Of course.

Generic executive office. Generic guy in a suit looking at presumably important papers. The priest enters and calls him "Mr. Chase." He tells him that Teresa Pruitt told him an awful secret she'd been living with for years, and she wanted Mr. Chase to hear this, but the Father thinks he should sit down first. Susan's counting money in a chair that Mike really wants to move, and MJ wants his dinosaur that his mom just sold. She thought he put it in the sell pile, but MJ's like, "What's a sell pile?" She tells him she'll get it back, then tells a skeptical Mike she's loving her child, who's already being forced to move from the only house he's ever known. MJ thanks his mommy and glares at Mike for not being the one willing to do this for him. Susan convinces Mike, who says "What the hell? We're moving. Let's go piss off some neighbors." They tell Roy, who understands, but he says he already gave it to his grandson. Susan acts really sad, and convinces Roy, who goes to get it back. Turns out the grandson's deaf, but Susan thinks they should still force his grandpa to take his toy. You know, because she's such a good person.

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Desperate Housewives




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