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The End is Just the Beginning

Bree's back home, and tells Orson that's done and her company's gone. He's surprised, and she says she can always start a new company, but can't send her son to jail. He says that she sent him to jail and, in fact, demanded it. She claims it was different, but he points out they each hit someone with a car, so it's really not. She says Andrew was a child, but Orson says he's not now. And he saw this whole thing as a test, since he loved her for having principles. She failed the test and since he's not the woman he thought she was, he's leaving her. She tells him she had no choice, but he says they always have a choice and he no longer chooses to be her husband. Nick and Gaby show up at the Bolen house, and Nick says he's going to sneak around and climb in a window if she can distract Patrick for ten minutes. He thanks her for this, and she goes on about having her own secrets and promising to help Angie, whatever it takes. But when she's done, Nick's passed out in the seat next to her. She tells him she can't do this alone, but he doesn't wake up.

Lynette's holding her new baby, as Eddie looks at them adoringly and says he wishes he could see her grow up. She looks at him with a mix of sorrow and disappointment. He tells her he's going to leave, and asks her to wait awhile to call the police. Lynette asks him to wait. She reminds him that he told her his life would have turned out different if he'd been her mom, so now she's going to be his mom and tell him what he should do. She thinks he should stay here and call the police. He says he can't, because he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail. Lynette cries and tells him he's already there, because no matter where he runs, he will still be angry and in pain, and he'll still want to hurt people. So he'll never be free. He cries that he swears he'll be good. She says people will never see that unless he shows them. She says if he picks up the phone, they'll know, and she'll be so proud of him. He leaves, but comes right back, crying, and asks her if she'll call the police for him. She says of course. He sits down next to her as she picks up the phone. She lets him hold the baby as she makes the phone call. The scene ends a little creepily, and I found myself wondering if he was going to take off with the baby as a cliffhanger (don't worry; he doesn't).

Gaby's on the phone with Fairview Hospital, trying to find out how to bring someone out of a coma, or a coma-nap, when Susan shows up to say her final goodbye. Gaby's all, "Okay, see ya!" And she keeps closing the door in her face. But the hospital's already hung up, so she rushes back out and tells Susan she's so choked up about her leaving that she couldn't deal with it. She says that Angie's also broken up about this, so Gaby has to say goodbye. Susan's shocked, considering she tried to crush Danny with his car and then Angie came at her with a bat. Gaby says that's love in Italian. Gaby tells Susan that Angie wants a goodbye that lasts ten minutes, and then takes off to the back of the house as she leaves Susan on the porch. Inside, Patrick and Angie are about to leave; he uncuffs her as the doorbell rings. He holds a gun to her head behind the door as she asks Susan what's going on. Susan tells her she came to say goodbye, and Angie's like, "Okay? Bye." She slams the door on her, and Susan's again shocked by the way these people don't care that she's leaving.

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