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The End is Just the Beginning

Gaby climbs in the window of Danny's room as Angie and Patrick get into the car and drive away. He stops just down the road and asks her what the range is on this thing, about 20 yards? Gaby works to untie Danny in the room as Patrick makes a slow, dramatic speech about how Angie betrayed him and everything they believed in, and he decided back then that he would find her and punish her. "And today is that day, my love." How is it possible that he's so hot and creepy at once? Angie asks, with genuine fear and concern, where the bomb is. He reminds her she told him there's 30 seconds from the time he pushes the detonator. Panicked, she asks where the bomb is. He says it's in the house, and he suggests she get moving if she wants to save their son. Angie gets out and runs toward her house as fast as she can. Gaby's still working to untie Danny, who says he needs to help her mom. Angie runs. Gaby unties. Bomb counts down. Gaby gets him untied and Angie stops in her tracks in the street right at 30 seconds. She turns to Patrick in the car and waves, "It's in the detonator." It's really the most awesome thing ever, and makes me love Angie so much more. Now I don't want her to leave. Danny hears the bomb and runs outside, worried, to find her standing there. They watch the car burn up in the street.

At a bus station, Gaby gives Angie a big envelope of money, which she says is totally unnecessary. But Gaby insists, although she does take $10 back for parking. Angie says this is goodbye, and Gaby says, "Forever, right? That's how this works?" Angie says yeah, and then tells her Nick had to drag her here kicking and screaming; he thought it was the perfect place to live because people would wave from behind their picket fences but never get involved because they don't care. She thanks Gaby for proving him wrong and they hug goodbye. Angie rejoins Nick and Danny, who says they better hurry. Nick and Angie give Danny a ticket to New York. He says he thought the plan was to go to Atlanta, but that's their plan. He says he wants to be with them, and Angie says they want that, too, but they need to stop being selfish. They tell him he'll have fun, seeing his grandma and being with Ana. He says he'll still get to see them sometimes, right, but their looks say no. He thinks they can stop running with Patrick dead, but Angie says the FBI's still looking for them (possibly even more now, with the dead Patrick). Danny says he's not ready for this, but Nick gives him a pep talk and tells him what a good man he's become. Danny says that, if he is, it's because Nick was his father. I think it's weird they want Nick to be so heroic and great now, after having him cheating with Julie when the season started. Whatever, show. They hug goodbye and then Angie cries and hugs him. Danny watches them get on their bus as they all cry. He gets on his own bus. And bye-bye, Bolens.

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Desperate Housewives




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