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I Know Things Now

Later, Andrew sits out in front of the house, waiting for Danielle to get home from school. She asks him what he's so happy about, and she gives his head a sisterly shove. Andrew: "You know how you were mad at Mom for not letting Matt come to dinner? I just figured out the funniest way for you to get back at her."

Ed rushes into the conference room and informs Tom that he doesn't have time for the full Boston Toy Company pitch, a pitch that Tom has clearly spent hours and hours preparing. Ed tells him, "Just give me the gist." Tom is thrown, but he recovers quickly: "Okay, basically, it's 'toys are fun.'" Ed, without hesitating: "I hate it." Ed stands to leave, and tells Tom that he'll be needing to take over the account. Tom starts to complain, but Lynette holds him back. Ed then informs them all that he's hired a forensic accountant to come in and take a look at everyone's expense reports. And if the guy finds "one receipt, one bar tab that's fishy? That's grounds for dismissal." Oh and the guy is starting with Tom's reports.

Later, in Lynette's office, Lynette marvels at "that son of a bitch" Ed and his forensic accountant: "He's more whipped than I thought." Lynette tries to comfort Tom by saying that Ed has "tragically underestimated" Team Scavo, and now the "gloves are coming off." Tom suggests that maybe he should just quit, arguing that, really, it's just a matter of time before Ed finds a way to make it happen. Lynette refuses to let Tom back down. She says she's going to go in to Ed's office right this second and tell the boss that if Tom goes, Lynette goes. Oh, good! After last week, I was worried that Lynette was going to align herself with Ed on this one and help him squeeze Tom out. Tom, super-earnestly: "We can't both be unemployed." Lynette doesn't think Ed would ever actually do it: "He knows this place would go down like a house of cards without me." Lynette turns to leave, and Tom leaps after her. As a last-ditch argument, he says that it'll look like he's hiding behind Lynette. Tom convinces Lynette that he needs to talk to Ed "man to man." Lynette steps aside, and Tom marches into Ed's office. Through the glass walls (what a nightmare, an office with glass for walls: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to nap), Lynette watches Tom march in to Ed's office. The two men exchange maybe three sentences, and then Tom takes a huge swing at Ed, and Ed falls backwards over his desk, ass over ass. Lynette gasps and races out to the hallway to ask Tom what the hay just happened? Tom, shaking his hurt puncher: "I think I just gave him just cause."

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