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I Remember That (1)

Mike lies on a couch in a hypnotherapist's office, trying to recover his lost memories. MAVO informs us that Mike can now remember the first time he saw Wisteria Lane, the first time he met his new neighbors (Lynette and Tom, back when Lynette was staying home and Tom was working in the office) and the first time he heard Susan laugh. Susan lets out this high-pitched chortle that doesn't seem attractive in the least, but then again, I don't find Teri Hatcher pretty, so I'm probably biased. Anyway, MAVO informs us that Mike really just wants to remember one thing: what happened with Monique.

We flash back to Mike's memory of going to Monique's house. Monique answers the door in what I guess is lingerie, including some sort of boyshorts, but they kind of look like a diaper. Not sexy! Apparently, she called Mike over to work on her pipes. Mike thought she meant that literally, but apparently, based on the come-hither looks and single entendres Monique is tossing about, she meant that figuratively. Monique reveals that her landlord recommended Mike, and that she wrote his name on her hand so that she could call him to fix the leaky pipes. Well, there's one mystery solved. Mike tells her that he's flattered by her flirting, but that he's seeing someone. Monique breezily says that she is too, but that her lover is married, and she's drunk. Well, okay then. Mike checks under the sink and realizes that he needs a replacement part, which he wants to get to immediately before the leak causes more damage. He promises to return in an hour.

When Mike does return with the part, Monique doesn't seem to be around. Mike wanders into the kitchen, where he sees two rubber-gloved hands grasping the counter. Before the person the hands belong to can be revealed, Mike breaks out of his trance, and he's back in the therapist's office. Mike is frustrated that he couldn't see who was in Monique's kitchen, but then he breaks out in a goofy grin. The hypnotherapist asks why he's smiling, and Mike says that now he's sure he didn't kill Monique.

Bree and Orson lie in bed. Orson is still passed out, and Bree waits and wonders if she should wake him up to discuss the previous night's events or not. So rather than wake him up like a normal person, or assume that maybe, due to the drugs he was given, he's sleeping for a reason, Bree throws a glass of water in Orson's face. And it works! I have to think that Bree would be more upset about ruining good linens. Anyway, Orson tells Bree that he doesn't remember anything about drinking the Scotch. Bree reveals that Alma raped Orson, and fills him in on the Viagra of it all. Orson takes the news surprisingly well, considering. Bree wants to go to the police right away, but Orson refuses. Bree thinks it's because he's embarrassed about what happened, and argues, "Your ex-wife is a homicidal rapist, and your mother is straight out of I, Claudius. Why do you refuse to deal with them?" Orson -- whose whole upper chest is now soaked with water, leading me to believe that the splashing scene required multiple takes -- heaves a sigh and says that it's time for him to tell Bree about the night Monique died. But not the audience, as Orson closes the door to the bedroom and we move on to the next scene.

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