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I Remember That (1)

Orson has finished telling Bree the truth about Monique, and she is disgusted. He asks what he can do, and she suggests that he exonerate Mike. Bree can't believe that Orson let Mike go to prison. Because every decision that Bree has made in her life has been 100% ethical. Hell, I think she's partially responsible for at least two deaths in three seasons, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Bree reminds Orson that "some lunatic ran [Mike] over," so Orson clearly didn't come completely clean. Orson is worried about implicating himself and going to jail. As they continue to talk, Andrew comes out into the hall and overhears Bree telling Orson that he needs to fix this, or she will. As Orson exits the bedroom, Andrew ducks down the hall to avoid getting busted.

Tom buys one of the twin Ps a Nutty Buddy from the ice cream truck. Lynette walks up and snatches it away, complaining that this treat is against house rules about snacks before dinner. Way to give your kids mixed messages, Tom and Lynette. Lynette busts on Tom for being a pussy, as usual. Edie struts up and asks Tom to hire Austin at the pizza place. Tom isn't very excited about hiring someone with a criminal record. Edie complains that Austin has been depressed since Julie dumped him, and Tom the Sucker falls for it and agrees to throw some hours his way. Tom tries to give Edie a coupon as she leaves, and Edie says, "Oh, Tom, please. You've checked out my butt enough times to know that I don't eat pizza." Tom checks out Edie's butt as she walks away.

Zana shows up at Gabby's house on her birthday with a giant bouquet of flowers, even though she said she wanted to be alone. He's all cheerful until she reveals that she's getting ready to go on a date with Luke. In the middle of the day, apparently. Zana realizes that he needs to skedaddle, and Gabby makes a reference to checking out Luke "in the mattress department." Zana just stares at her, so Gabby slams the door in his face. Why does he like her again? Oh, that's right. Boobs.

Orson pays a visit to Alma and Gloria to "thank" them for the activities of the previous night. Alma happily tells him that it's too soon for her to take a pregnancy test. I have to think she might have trouble getting pregnant because she's (a) old and (b) got no body fat. Seriously, Alma freaks me out. I mean, even before I knew how bughouse crazy she is. Orson explains that their "little stunt" forced him to reveal all to Bree about what happened to Monique. He explains that the fear of discovery has always been hanging over his marriage with Bree, but now he's come clean, and he feels free. Alma looks worried and cries out that she could be carrying Orson's child. Orson doesn't care, proclaiming, "I'm sticking with Bree." Orson stomps out, and Gloria wonders why he has to make things difficult. And then she continues knitting baby booties. So...Orson went over there just to tell the people who have already proven they are not shy about committing crimes against his person that he's about to rat them out. That seems unwise.

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