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I Remember That (1)

Mike and Carlos stand on a porch, drinking beers. Mike talks about what he discovered through hypnotherapy, while behind them, Orson is on a ladder, cleaning out his gutters. It's not clear whether he can hear Mike and Carlos talking; he must not have Susan's super spy mirror. Also, who goes to confront his ex-wife and mother over rape charges, and then goes home and cleans out the gutters? And doesn't anyone work around here? Carlos thinks Mike just needs to remember who the guy wearing the gloves was, and then call the cops. Mike seems to want to handle the matter himself.

Jane's memorial service. Susan totally eavesdrops on Lynn talking to a friend. Lynn can't shut up about how hot Ian is, and the plans she has for him later. Susan totally interrupts to tell Lynn and friend that their conversation seems inappropriate. Lynn tells Susan that it's none of her beeswax. Susan and her ridiculous hat retort that Ian is seeing someone anyway, so nyah nyah. Lynn says that she would have heard about something like that, so Susan blurts that she's the "bimbo in the picture," as Lynn put it. Susan realizes that she probably said too much, and changes seats.

Tom has a staff meeting at the pizzeria to handle new hire paperwork. Lynette walks in and sees Austin standing there, so she says, "What are you doing here? I fired you." That seems like a huge violation of multiple HR policies. Then again, if no one had filled out the paperwork yet, why were they all working already? Austin says that Tom hired him back, and Tom defends his decision. Lynette doesn't feel she's undermined Tom enough this week yet, so she starts telling Austin that he might be able to hustle Tom, but that she's not an idiot like her husband is. Or something along those lines. Tom insists on talking to Lynette privately, probably to avoid a lawsuit. All of the other employees are staring down at their paperwork, mortified.

In the kitchen, Lynette is skeptical that Tom had a good reason for hiring back "Joe Bonghit." Tom explains that the waitresses pointed out that Austin is hot, so teenagers will come just to see him in action, and will also buy food. In addition, Tom worked out a deal with Edie to give menus to her clients, and that Edie won't agree unless Austin works there. Lynette realizes that Tom has a brain after all, and Tom points out that Lynette may be the manager, but that he's the boss. Like Tony Danza! Lynette kind of glosses over that, but Tom explains that at home he "checks [his] balls at the door," which works for them, but at work, he needs to be the big man. I disagree with their relationship on so many levels. So then Tom and Lynette stage a fight in front of the staff where Tom tells her off and she meekly agrees. So disturbing. And also, such a retread of, oh, every Tom and Lynette storyline for the past three years.

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