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I Remember That (1)

Gabby finishes off (another?) bottle of wine alone. She busts Zana pretending to leave a gift at her doorstep, and he acts surprised that she's home. Gabby opens the present, which is a mug that reads "World's Greatest Friend." Gabby, drunk, is touched. Zana comes in and cuddles with Gabby while she relates that Luke dumped her because she's old. She wonders what she'll do when she's not pretty anymore, and Zana assures her that will never happen. Gabby decides to pass out in Zana's armpit. Does dude ever take off his cheesy leather jackets? Zana creepily pets Gabby's hair. It puts the lotion in the basket.

Ian finds Susan sitting on the floor in the embalming room at the funeral home. Good thing today was all about Jane, and Susan isn't a huge drama queen or anything. Susan thinks she ruined Jane's funeral, and admits that she thought if she and Ian got through today, things would get better. Ian decides that he's sick of hiding things, and that they should face the crowds together. He turns suddenly, as they are surrounded by corpses, and tells Susan that she helped him through the most difficult part of his life and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Susan asks if he's proposing, and Ian looks surprised that he kind of is. Susan asks if maybe she could get a redo when they are in a nicer setting, and Ian agrees.

Mike's back at the hypnotherapist, who encourages him to remember the night he met Monique. Mike flashes back to the scene we saw earlier, when he returned with the part for the sink and saw the rubber-gloved hands. Except this time, the person wearing the gloves rises up above the counter's Orson. Sur...prise? (Is anyone really surprised?) Orson claims that Monique is upstairs taking a nap, and that he's her boyfriend, and is busy cleaning the kitchen. Can I get a boyfriend like that? Mike says that he's just going to finish the sink, but Orson doesn't seem to want Mike sticking around. Orson gives Mike some cash, and Mike relents. As Mike leaves, Orson hands him a wrench. You know...THE WRENCH!

Mike gets up and leaves the hypnotherapist's office. He heads right over to Bree and Orson's house, where Danielle (she's alive!) tells him that Bree's in the hospital. Mike takes off.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, a nurse or someone tells Orson that Bree is sleeping, so he might as well go home and get some rest. Orson heads out to the parking garage. Mike pops up and gives a big speech about how he's been recovering his memories. Orson acts like he's pleased, until Mike says that he's remembering a lot of things. Orson's face falls, and he takes off running. Mike chases him. Orson actually runs across the hoods of cars, but Mike catches him. They trade punches. Mike tries to tackle Orson, but Orson pushes him off. Unfortunately, the momentum of the push causes Orson to fall backwards over the ledge of the parking garage, five or so stories to the ground below. And it's to be continued!

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