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I Wish I Could Forget You

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I Wish I Could Forget You
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Previously: Bree tossed her wedding ring into Rex's grave, Carlos got manipulated into hiring the Lecherous Lawyer Bradley, and Susan sent Zana to Utah.

First, let me say that I really liked this episode, so it was kind of a shock to discover, after reading the boards, that I'm somewhat in the minority on this front. Maybe I've managed to confuse something that makes me cringe with something truly moving? Or maybe my standards have lowered in response to the overall decline of the show? I'm not really sure. All I know is that this episode flew by (for a change), and that I laughed aloud more that once, and actually had to cover my eyes on three separate occasions. Which is good, right?

MAVO: "George Williams had never been lucky in love. It seems that the women he dated always invented reasons not to consummate their relationship." We flash back to a series of women giving George lame excuses: one is afraid they'll wake the roommate, one has to get up really early for work, and one super-Whitesnakey slutty blonde very obviously lies that she's "saving herself for marriage." As each of the women closes her door in his face, George's hair blows back in a semi-hilarious way. MAVO: "Sadly for George, it was one unoriginal excuse after another." Back in the now, George bounds up the stairs to Bree's house, bouquet in hand. MAVO: "But since he'd started seeing Bree Van de Kamp, George couldn't help but [sic] feel his luck was about to change." Bree answers the door looking lovely in pearls, a blue wrap shirt, and a fitted black skirt (though with heavy dark eye makeup that is, perhaps, somewhat tranny). She gleefully informs George that the kids are away (you know, Andrew's at deprogramming camp and Danielle is...wherever it is that Danielle conveniently disappears to). George looks 3,000,000% stoked by this news. Wait, was Andrew right? Is George a virgin?

After dinner, Bree and George head into the living room, wine glasses in hand. Bree is babbling that the sauce for the duck was a little thick...honk-chew, honk-chew, honk-chew, is this boring babble out of nervousness? Or complete social retardation? I'm beginning to wonder if Bree's long history of inappropriate outbursts sprinkled amongst a field of endless tedious small talk is less a matter of piquant zaniness and more just a sign of undersocialization. George asks, as men always do, if he can take down Bree's hair. Bree complies, and her hair swings into place with that little flip at the bottom that we all know, love, and remember with much warmth. George was right to take her hair down -- curse him and his stereotypically mannish "long hair down=sexy" ideas -- Bree does indeed look good with her hair down. She meekly, nervously, seedily asks George if the hair-down approach looks better. Bree! Where is the woman who so self-confidently commanded George and his erection to stand down? She really is a sad, sad shadow of her former self. By way of an answer, George plants a tender, delicate peck on her lips, and Bree swoons and tells him how nice the kiss was. Green light! George dives on top of her. Bree struggles a bit, and George asks if "this" is okay. Bree: "I thought we were going to let the duck digest a bit, but...what the heck!"

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