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I Wish I Could Forget You

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I Wish I Could Forget You

Cut to Susan, at home with Sophie, trying on her mother's wedding dress. Uh oh. Mike walks in and starts right with the "I need to ask you something important." Sophie immediately thinks that it's proposal time, so she goes -- not to give them privacy but to...get her camera. Susan calls Sophie off and asks Mike what's going on. Mike: "Did you give [Zana] money to go to Utah?" Susan's face falls. She tries to explain, whispering something about how "he was talking so much about Julie," and how obsessive Zana was. Mike, quietly, deadly: "Yes or no?" Susan, clearly very worried, finally says a small, little "yes." And from that second, you can tell Mike is done. He turns and walks out, and Susan, still wearing the dress, follows him to his truck. She's crying now, babbling that she didn't do it to hurt him, etc. Mike: "You said you wanted to help me, and I believed you. That's it: we're done." And he just gets in his truck and backs out of the driveway. Susan gets in front of the truck, and she is full-tilt bawling now. And it is...not a pretty sight. In fact, it is perhaps the most ugly I've ever seen an actress let herself get on camera. Some people on the boards described the look as "Klingon," but I stick with "Gary Oldman as Dracula." Seriously, veins are arcing out of Susan's head, and she looks like some kind of low-budget special effect gone terribly awry. She begs and pleads, but Mike just reverses his truck and drives around her as she yells, "Please, no, please" and then a guttural "Come back! Come back!" CreePaul, who's standing out in front of his house, exchanges a long, enigmatic look with her and then goes inside. Susan collapses, still crying, crying, crying, right there in the street, and one by one the ladies of Wisteria, who have all been watching this horrible scene unfold, drift out to comfort her. MAVO says something shitty about some little girls' dreams of white weddings not coming true. And that's it. A painful, painful ending. Also, Sophie? Sorry about your wedding dress. It looks like you're going to need to get that dry-cleaned. Let's hope they do a better job than they did with Lynette's crusted-on breast milk!

Next week: George proposes, The Ps get a look at Lynette and Tom's home sex tape, and Caleb "Flash" Applewrong runs away from home!

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