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What If We Had An Episode And Nothing Happened?

Tom asks her what's wrong, and she says she can't do all of the injections and the therapy, since no one can even tell them if it's helping. She says she can't do it anymore, but he says that's wrong. She doesn't want to do it, and neither does Tom, or the baby, but they don't have a choice. She feels like she's being punished, and she doesn't even know why, but Tom tells her not to think about that. She asks what she should think about? Hopes for the future? Because he might not even have one. Tom says he's only 14 months, so don't write him off yet. He tells her to start thinking about the future, because it's coming either way, and she'll either know she did everything she could for her son or she'll be sorry. She goes in the other room and takes over the therapy, telling the therapist she can do this. Tom and Lynette are the best, and this is the only "what if" that's remotely watchable.

An older Lynette is in the kitchen when a boy with a crutch comes in and asks for a sandwich. She tells him to wait until she's done with the dishes, but then she thinks about it and tells him to make one for himself. He gets mad and says she always does it and his friend's mom always makes his, too. But she won't let him make excuses and says he should be glad he's not in a wheelchair like his friend so he can make his own sandwiches. She also says she won't always be here to help him, so one day he'll be glad she made him learn to take care of himself. He gets up and gets the sandwich stuff, dropping the mustard and picking it up. Her hand shakes and she cries as she tries not to help him as he struggles. Then he makes the sandwich and she asks for a bite. He smiles.

We flash forward again, to a "Waldorf University Law School" graduation, as the kid is speaking about his life: how his doctors said he wouldn't make it, then he'd be blind, then he'd be in a wheelchair. He says he really pissed his doctors off, and older Lynette and Tom laugh. The kid continues that his mom was scared at first, which she told him, but she got over it. He says that Gandhi said that strength comes from an indomitable will, and that his mom showed him that every day of his life and now he wants to start showing her. Everyone claps. When Lynette wakes up in the hospital, she asks how the baby is, and Tom tells her that he didn't make it, but the other baby's fine. She cries, and because Felicity Huffman is so great, I cried a little bit, too. Tom tells her they're going to be okay.

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