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No break between the first hour and this one. Just a "Three Years Earlier" title card, and then Mary Alice talking about Lila Dash. The first thing she thought about "that fateful morning" was her husband, Dave. She wanted to buy him a new tie. She thought of him that afternoon, too, when she decided to make him a special dinner. That evening, she thought about him again, as she watched him with their daughter. She wondered what she'd done to deserve someone so wonderful. He sees her gazing and asks what she's thinking about. She asks if they should all go for ice cream. He says he'd love to, but he brought work home. She asks, "Again?" He knows he's boring, but thinks they should go without him. She says they'll just wait and go tomorrow, but he tells Paige to look sad and tells Lila he can't make that face wait a whole day for ice cream. She gives in, and takes her. Before they leave, Dave stops them and says he'll leave his briefcase at the office the next night and do something special. She says it's a date, and then leaves. Mary Alice tells us there would be no tomorrows for Lila and Paige, because that was the night they crashed into Susan and Mike. We see Lila dead in her car, and Mary Alice tells us that the last thing Lila thought about was Dave. She wondered what her death would do to him. As Dave's driving Susan and MJ toward their deaths, Mary Alice says that luckily for Lila, she would never know. Credits.

There's a wedding at Fairview Presbyterian, but none of us really care, because it's no one we know. All we need to know is that the church bells ring, which is getting Katherine all excited back at their place as she and Mike pack for Vegas. She says, "Hello, groom" to him and then tells him the hotel upgraded them to a suite for free since it's their wedding. He's all, "Yeah, great." She hopes he can get more enthusiastic about the actual wedding. He says he was thinking about MJ and Susan because he got a weird vibe from Creepy Dave when they left. Katherine, possibly the smartest person on this show, says Creepy Dave always gives off a weird vibe. She won't let him call, because she says if they miss their flight, they miss their wedding day, and if they miss that, they miss their wedding night. He says she's right; he's probably worried about nothing. She says they need to stop at the store for videotape for the camera, but he tells her to just grab an old one out of the desk. She grabs the MJ tape (labeled "Band") that Creepy Dave just gave Mike.

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