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But really, because "We are gonna be great fathers" -- no question there, they were only divorced and whoring around on each other like three anonymous, tweaked-out weeks ago, and their marriage is even less stable than the other fifteen houses of horror on this block; plus whatever, their outdated top/bottom sexual dynamics are so fucked-up and self-abnegating and antediluvian that Liza's practically got a mother already -- but because honestly this is more about Renee's secret (and heretofore nonexistent, not to say out-of-character, since she still doesn't really have one) tick-tocking need for a bunch of sudden children to come shooting out from between her vagina fangs and into the waiting arms of, presumably, a prince that still has yet to come.

Susan brings in a bouquet of flowers to bright up the dialysis process, and her dialysis buddy Hipster Ethan loves them, and immediately she starts screaming at Dick about how they're not for him! "THEY'RE FOR PEOPLE WHO STILL POSSESS AN OUNCE OF HUMANITY!" Instead of flipping her the bird and going back to his Words With Friends game like he should, stupid Dick engages.

Dick: "It's called anger, Susan. I'm sure you have it, too, right underneath that Hang In There Kitty smile."
Susan: "It's like a lightbulb went off over my head just now, Dick. You're totally right. And I've got a hell of a lot to be angry about. I should stop doing my passive-aggressive, Borderline Histrionic stuff and look at my actual shit instead of constantly making everything everybody else's problem."

Dick: "Have you ever heard this term splitting? It's something people with your diagnosis do rather than deal with evaluative complexity of meaning or the subjectivity of others. Everything and everybody is either good or bad; everything that happens is either empowering or devastating, because you see yourself as a victim of circumstance and can't understand other people's reality or the fact that opposites are generally invalid and hurtful. So you approve the things that you identify with -- "good" -- and you hate the things you don't understand -- "bad." Even though really you're not making a moral or ethical judgment at all, your Feeling function has so possessed your Thinking that you honestly do think you're making a judgment call and not just seeing yourself reflected in the mirror of everybody else, in a sort of self-assigned feedback loop. And that goes even so far as to your own emotional contents: Anything you don't like about yourself, even just a bad or hurt feeling that's not even really you at all, immediately gets piled onto this Other, which represents everything bad in the world, which is really about everything bad in your head, because you're so self-centered you can't see the difference. Likewise, your victim stance feels powerful because They -- whoever They are, at this moment, that represents your unwanted contents -- are bad, which means you're good. You should really go see that movie Black Swan? It might even help with your eating disorder."

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