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The Haves and Have-Nots

Alex is giving Bree and Andrew the tour of his and Andrew's home. Orson's amazed at how fancy it is, considering it's their first place. Alex says it's all Andrew, who's the one with the taste. Alex wonders why Andrew's running late, and Orson explains he's cleaning up a mess for Bree. Orson notices that the bowl on the table is cut crystal, and Alex says that's Andrew again, who has exquisite taste and the money to match ever since Bree gave him a raise. She looks awkward, and Orson's all, "A raise?" Bree tries to brush it off as a tiny salary bump, but Alex says that tiny is not the word for her "extraordinary generosity." Bree just wants to talk about the party mix in the cut crystal bowl, but then Alex brings a fancy wine over, and Orson is amazed again at how much money Andrew's spending. He gives Bree a look.

Carlos and Gaby are out to eat with Carlos's slimy boss, Brad, and his wife, Maria. Brad and Maria want to thank them for saving their marriage. They've been much closer ever since Brad's had Carlos to help him out. Brad apologizes for how much Carlos has been away from home, and she says she'll be more okay with it once they get his bonus. Carlos jokes that the only person more excited about that bonus than Gaby is her jeweler. Brad fesses up that there are no bonuses this year because of the economy. Gaby asks if Brad knows how hard Carlos has been working, and then she says, "For God's sake, don't do this to my jeweler." Then she asks if this dinner was his bonus, because she'd like a little more than a salad and stuffed chicken breast. She calls the waiter over and asks for ten lobsters to go for dessert. Hee. Resourceful!

At Scavo's, Lynette suggests closing up early since they haven't had a customer in about an hour. Tom looks around at his bored staff and asks them to take off their aprons and sit in the window so it looks busy, which will lure people in. Lynette wonders what they'll do with all the pretend money they're going to make from their pretend customers. Tom swears this is going to work, and then he starts giving his staff "roles" to play. Then he tells them to keep it up and he heads back to the kitchen. Lynette stops him and tells him that this isn't just a slump, and that they're about a week away from going bankrupt. Tom's improv actors in the window fake laugh. Tom gets that she's worried, but thinks creativity will save them. She says they need to sell the place now, while they can still maybe make some money. Tom says no: He's not going out like this, he's not going to be a failure. And his actors/waiters laugh. He says, "Please tell me they just saw a customer." They actually did.

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