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The Haves and Have-Nots

Gaby arrives home eager to tell Carlos what happened. So eager she comes in the front door and yells, "Carlos, get in here! I got a real shockeroo for you! You are not going to believe this!" Carlos does come in, but with Brad. Gaby's surprised to see him there, and she asks him what's going on. Carlos tells her Brad stopped by with great news: He's getting the bonus after all. He went to the CFO and said his right-hand guy had to have a bonus. Carlos asks what kind of guy does that, and Gaby says she thinks she knows what kind. She wants to know how much, and when he starts at $20,000, she points out how Carlos's hard work is what's brought Brad and Maria back together. He goes up to $25,000, but she points out that you can't put a price on saving a marriage. She then mentions the jewelry story next to the Lexington Hotel, and Brad jumps it up to $30,000. But he asks them not to say anything, since no one else is getting a bonus. Gaby leaves the men, saying all of this negotiating stuff goes right over her head. Hardly.

Bree's cooking as Orson's on his computer laughing. He says, "Thunder McFadden! What a hoot!" If she is cooking for work, I think I can see why he doesn't make that much money, since he's on his computer reading forwards while she's slaving over a hot stove. She wants to know what he's doing, though, so he explains it's his porn name. You take the name of your childhood pet and the street you grew up on, and that's the name you use. His buddy, who sent him the e-mail, is Snoop Windermere. (I'm Sushi Melrose, by the way.) He asks who she would be, but she says she's preparing a buffet for 200, so doesn't have time to explore her career in the adult film industry. Exactly! No cost-of-living raise for lazy Orson. He tells her that's why people find her so rigid -- because she can never just let go and have fun. She says, "Coco Sagitawk," and asks if he's happy. He is, and starts to take off, when she realizes it could also be Munchy Cedarhurst or Taffy Swallow. He asks which one she'd save in a burning building if she could only save one, and she says it would be Munchy. She then explains that she was rambunctious and her father sent her to a farm where she could run free. Orson says this was fun, and leaves.

Scavo's is all of a sudden busy, and Lynette and Tom are working hard. Lynette asks Penny for two salads, but Penny's upset since Parker told her the only reason Lynette has her making salads is because it's a job for babies. Penny says she also can't find her Band-aid. So Lynette's going to make the salads and asks Penny to fill water glasses. Parker gives Lynette change for one of her tables. She tells him it's not enough change, but he knows. He's figured out that you can short people 1 percent, up to 3 if they're drinking. She tells him to make salads; she'll handle the register. But then she hears the twins arguing over a table. They both want it because there is a hot lady there. Lynette says she'll wait on that table. She puts them on cash register and busing tables. Tom calls Lynette over and points out how happy everyone is and how smoothly everything is running (riiiiiiiight). He says he won't say, "I told you so." He better not, or Lynette might just kill him.

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