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Later that night, Tom's still at the restaurant, going through papers when Lynette comes in from the kitchen. He says he's getting their accounts in order, since they should know exactly what this place is worth if they're going to sell it. She realizes what a good man Tom is -- that he's going to sell this place because he sees what it's doing to their family, and he knows that it's not remotely worth that -- and she starts kissing him. She thinks this can all wait until morning, so he turns off the open sign (for the last time?).

Edie tells Creepy Dave she booked them into the Brunswick Inn for the weekend. He says, "Great!" But then he tells her this weekend won't work because Mike really wants the camping trip they've been talking about. Edie's like, "Camping? Have you met me?" He says he figured she'd say that, but he can't blow Mike off, because he needs this right now. She tells him to have fun wiping with leaves, but she's out. He asks her not to tell Katherine, because Mike really wants Katherine to go, and if she hears Edie's not going, she won't go. Edie makes him promise that they'll go the Brunswick Inn next weekend, and she says she won't tell Katherine. Man, I think she is going to feel guilty if this really does lead to Katherine getting killed. Edie leaves the room and Creepy Dave goes in to Dr. Heller's phone and sends a text that says, "Almost done. Will be back by the 15th." Uh, okay, but how? Is he planning to impersonate him or something? Or he just knows that, by that point, he can go ahead and get caught and not care? Maybe he's planning a murder-suicide?

Brad and Maria come over to tell Gaby and Carlos they're pregnant and want Gaby and Carlos as godparents because they're such good people - kind-hearted and decent. They are feeling completely guilty, obviously, because they haven't told Maria what they know, which makes them feel like they aren't very good people. Gaby says they can't say no to that, and the ladies hug. Maria notices Gaby got her bracelet after all, and Gaby says she did, but she's not enjoying it as much as she thought she would. I think she was totally happier poor, but she'd never admit that.

Susan comes in to give MJ lunch and a movie. She's going to take a shower. He looks at his sandwich like it's no good, and she asks what's wrong. It's peanut butter. He says he wants a panini, and Susan says she doesn't know how to make them. That is the only moment in this whole thing that made me feel a little sympathy for her. She doesn't know how, so this is all possibly about her feeling inadequate, and like Katherine is somehow not just better for Mike, but also better for MJ. That would be a hard feeling. But I think that is just a tiny part of this, and most of it is Susan's selfishness, so I won't feel that bad. MJ tells Susan it's just turkey and cheese, and asks if they have any provolone. She says they don't eat "pretentious" cheese in this house, and tells him to watch his movie while she takes a shower.

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