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The Haves and Have-Nots

He shows up on Katherine's doorstep asking if she'll make him a panini. She says sure, and asks if his mommy knows he's here. He shakes his head yes, but after Susan's behavior about him being over there, she has to know better than that, doesn't she? Apparently not, because Susan comes out of the shower in a robe, toweling her hair, and finds MJ missing but his sandwich still there. She takes off running through the street in her robe, yelling for MJ. She only knows where he is when she sees him in the window, not because she applied any sort of logic, of course. Susan comes in and asks what's going on. Katherine says he wanted a panini, and said Susan knew he was there. She tells him to go wait on the porch so she can talk to Katherine, and he looks at her, then at the sandwich, then at her. She says, "You can take the sandwich." Man, that must be a good sandwich. He takes it and goes outside. Katherine says he showed up on the doorstep and seemed hungry. Susan asks if she thinks she doesn't feed him. Katherine says, okay, then, maybe he just wanted to see her. Susan's all, "Yeah, because you make it like Disneyland over here, with your paninis and your blackjack." I don't know about you, but I always go to Disneyland for the paninis and blackjack. She says Katherine's trying to make MJ think she's the other mommy. Katherine: "What?" Susan accuses Katherine of trying to get her hooks deeper into Mike by showing him how much MJ loves her. Man, she is totally a crazy person. Katherine says, "Susan, I am being nice to the child of the man I'm dating. That doesn't make me evil." Wow. Logic. But Susan's not having any of it. She says Katherine's not evil, but devious. Then she says Katherine's plan isn't going to work, because MJ is not allowed to be here anymore; only at Susan's or Mike's. Katherine says that will be tricky since Mike's moving in here at the first of the month. So MJ is going to be spending a lot of time here, whether Susan likes it or not.

Orson comes in to work and Andrew tells him he counted the goblets and found they're short by about thirty so he has to run to the supplier and pick up some more. He asks if Orson can hold down the fort for him. Orson says no problem, but I really don't think Orson knows how to do anything here, let alone hold down the fort. Andrew thanks him and, as he leaves, Orson tells him how lucky Bree is to have Andrew here, since it never would have occurred to him to do a recount of the goblets. Andrew tells him that means a lot to him, and thanks him. Orson's compliment seems sincere, but as soon as Andrew leaves, Orson pockets his Mont Blanc.

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Desperate Housewives




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