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It Wasn't Meant To Happen

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It Wasn't Meant To Happen

Carlos and Gabby are taking Lily for a stroll in her stroller, Gabby holding up the show to put a cute hat on the baby. Carlos: "Are you sure she needs that? I just put sunscreen on her." Gabby: "She's never too young to start accessorizing." Besides, the weather's fine and all the residents of Wisteria Lane are out in their yards, and Gabby wants everyone to get an eyeful of their bliss. Just then, a gangly teen in a Steve Holt letterman's jacket puppy-dogs up and starts walking along beside them. Steve Holt comments on how cute the baby is, and Carlos agrees, though he admits that he's "a little biased." Steve Holt leans in for a closer look and decides that the baby most definitely has his eyes. Uh oh. Apparently Steve Holt is Lily's bio-dad, "Dale," and has been absent up until now due to the fact that he's been "wasted 24-7" in Fort Lauderdale. Dale got the message about the baby, but he just thought his friends were punking him, "those BUTTWADS!" Hm, make that Steve Holt crossed with Encino Man. Gabby and Carlos stare at Encino Holt for a few seconds, and then Gabby decides to shoot for the silver lining, suggesting that since they've now managed to find each other, perhaps this is a good time to head down to the lawyer's office and get all the custody paperwork straightened out. Encino Holt: "Yeah uh, the thing about that is, I'm going to want the baby?" And...COMMERCIAL!

When we return, Gabby and Carlos are shuffle-running up the street, Encino Holt jogging after them. Just then, Stripper Libby's pothead ex-boyfriend Frank pulls up in his cute royal-blue vintage Jeep-type thing with a white hardtop, nice. Frank, to Encino Holt: "What is the hold-up?" And just at this ripe moment, Julie Mayer walks up to her fence carrying a hose and asks if she can see the baby. Both Carlos and Gabby scream "No!" at her and keep running up the street. Ha! Frank yells at his brother to just "do it already," and Encino Holt whines that he's "not just going to kidnap it." Frank: "Why not? They did! It's your baby, just take it!" At that, Carlos stops walking and gets right up in Encino Holt's face, and the kid, understandably, just wilts. Frank: "Argh, get in, you moron!" Encino Holt, who really does seem to be quite a moron, goes to get into the car with Frank, but only after pausing to tell the Solises what a good job they've been doing with the baby: "She seems clean." Uh oh.

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