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Like It Was

In the kitchen, Orson foams up some milk and advises Bree not to "judge Andrew" because the poor boy was "desperate." Bree paces and mutters that she blames herself for driving him to these depths. Oh, whatever; I'm so tired of Bree's endless naive surprise and retroactive concern over what Andrew resorted to. What did she think Andrew would do when she deserted him without money or connections? Orson comforts that the "important thing is that [Andrew's] home and he's safe." Now Bree wants to know what Dr. Keck has to do with the matter: "Is he treating Andrew for awful disease?" Oh. So I guess that means that Dr. Keck isn't a dentist. Unless Bree is worried about gum disease. Orson spells it out that Keck was a "client" of Andrew's. Bree is shocked. Bree can't believe it. Keck is married! Keck plays on "Tom Scavo's bowling team"! Orson: "Well it's clearly not the only team he plays for." Ha! Orson hands Bree the cocoa, then he goes to cut into a pie that's sitting there on the counter. Bree absently tells him not to cut it; the pie is for Mike. Now it's Orson's turn to look as though his fender's been bent. So somehow Orson managed to miss out on the gossip of Mike's awakening? A completely different kind of "Uh Oh" music swells. Bree explains that she left Orson multiple messages about Mike's miracle on his phone, didn't he listen to them? Which is pretty weak, considering that Bree and Orson have shared multiple scenes between the alleged message-leaving and now, and it's pretty unbelievable that Bree wouldn't have brought it up before now.

Casa War of the Roses. Bree, Lynette, and Gabby are sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee. Bree is polling the Ladies about whether or not a person who knows a man has cheated on his wife is obliged to tell the wife. Lynette says yes, definitely, because of the possibility of the man passing his wife an STD. Bree totally agrees: "That's what I was thinking! I mean that's how Bunny Connors got chlamydia." Gabby gasps: "She told me she got it from wearing somebody else's bathing suit!" Which I...don't really think can happen. Unless the bathing suit was very, very small. Lynette: "No, that's how she got crabs." Ha! Crabs are funny. Gabby (who by the way is wearing an intense coral-covered top with a glittery snake woven into the neckline, which is plunging all the way down to funky town) dishes: "With Bunny it's always something. If it's not the clap, it's a botched facelift." Bree brings them back on topic: to tell the wife or no? Gabby says no, citing how the wife always hates the person who tells her. And Gabby does speak from the authority of a wife recently cheated upon. Lynette to Gabby: "So if Tom was cheating, you wouldn't tell me?" Gabby: "No, but I'd hire someone to beat the crap out of him." Lynette: "Aw, you're sweet." Evany: "Aww, this scene is awesome."

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