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Listen To The Rain On The Roof

The ladies are all meeting for lunch down at Orson's club, which Bree points out is very "elegant," and it's going to be even better once they finish with all the pesky Maybe I'm being paranoid, but did that reference to the construction site seem too irrelevant to be anything other than a "flag for later"? Bree is wearing a light pink sleeveless sheath dress with ruffles at the neck and sleeve, a long strand of pearls, and white gloves. She looks great, but also mildly insane. Lynette accuses her of dressing like she lives in the "1880s," and all the ladies smile hugely at this hilarious observation. The ladies all prod Bree about why she invited them to lunch, and she keeps insisting that she just wanted everyone together so she could invite them all to a dinner party, which sounds weird, which is why they're not buying it.

Finally, Bree caves and takes off her gloves to show off her rock. The ladies coo on cue. Lynette makes a comment about how quickly things are happening, and Bree beams that she knows, but that it just "feels so right." She gushes about how great Orson is: "Warm, wonderful, generous...." Oh, Bree. Gabby pounces on the "generous" part of the list, and nods knowingly about how clearly that means he's "good in the sack." Bree primly informs her that she and Orson haven't actually had sex. Gabby tosses back her frosty brown Charlie's Angel hair and laughs and laughs, until she realizes that Bree wasn't actually joking. Gabby questions the wisdom of buying the cow so blindly: "You wouldn't buy a car without at least taking it for a little test drive." The boards are afire with talk that this line -- the whole scene, in fact -- is a direct lift from Sex and the City: specifically a scene where Charlotte announces her engagement to Trey MacDougal (who, coincidentally, was also played by Kyle MacLachlan) and then confesses that they're waiting until marriage to have sex. And it's true, the Sex in the City line, delivered by Samantha is: "Honey, before you buy the car you take it for a test drive." And that is indeed very similar to the Gabby line -- almost identical, in fact. Which is pretty embarrassing, especially considering that the audience for both shows has a lot of overlap, so the Desperate writers could have had little hope of getting away with it.

Bree reminds everyone to act surprised at dinner when she and Trey-I-mean-Orson make the announcement. Gabby: "Don't worry, I'm just going to replay the look I had when I found out you hadn't banged him yet." "Banged"? Okay, maybe it's just me, but this scene feel a little awkward? Overly, lazily coarse? Forced? Maybe Marcia, Teri, Felicity, and Eva had a four-way fight right before the cameras started to roll; that would explain the strained undertones. Though I think the writing is weird, too. Which is sad, because typically I really enjoy the full-force lady scenes.

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