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Listen To The Rain On The Roof

Scavo HQ. Lynette is wearing the same headband from lunch, but a different shirt, so she either changed, or this is an entirely different day and she's replaced her necklace obsession with a scarf fixation. Tom is filling up balloons using a tank of helium in preparation for a birthday party for Parker, to which Lynette has invited the illegitimate daughter Kayla, but not the annoying mother Nora. Tom is worried that Kayla is just going to spill the beans to Nora after the fact, and then Nora is going to "blow a gasket." Lynette gets that arch, angry Lynette look and asks him if he's really more afraid of Nora than he is of his wife. Tom, after one of his funny little "processing" beats, tells Lynette, "You scare the hell out of me, baby." Ha!

Coma Corner. Ian is visiting with his wife. Susan saunters in wearing that same ultra thin-fabric-ed dress she wore to lunch. So this is the same day? Whatever, Susan has two cups in her hands; there's no coffee today, so she got Ian a smoothie. The flavor choices are strawberry or...strawberry. Ian: "Well, I hate strawberry, so I guess I'll have the strawberry." Another ha!

Ian heads into the bathroom to add water to a wilting bouquet of flowers. Susan goes and sits next to the bed. In a nice nod to continuity, Susan softly says, "Hi, Jane" -- I don't think someone who hadn't spent the last six months dealing with coma patients would have spoken to the unconscious woman. Ian -- who apparently is not nearly as tactful or sensitive -- yells out to Susan from the bathroom to ask her whether she'd like to go on a date with him. In front of his catatonic wife? Someone who, depending on what you believe, may or may not be able to hear him? That seems...unbelievably callous. Well, there goes any "Ian=nice" momentum they built up in the flashback montage. Susan is so startled he asked her out that she turns around too quickly and manages to spray her strawberry smoothie all over Jane. As Ian keep blithely talking from the bathroom that they could go to a cute little "bistro," Susan frantically tries to mop up the mess with some Kleenex, which doesn't go well. Once she realizes that the project is beyond the powers of tissue, she grabs a blanket and covers up the spill. Aw, there's the spazzy Susan we remember.

Ian comes out of the bathroom, and Susan snaps into a standing position, looking supremely guilty. Ian says something to the effect that he hopes he wasn't too forward (he was), and that maybe she's not quite ready yet, and clearly he's been doing the coma watch longer than she has, but whenever she's ready, all she needs to do is say the word. Susan is too distracted by the smoothie situation to listen with her full attention. She just blurts that she's hungry, and he smiles and says, "Let's go to the blood bank and swipe some sugar cookies." Another funny line! On their way out, Susan stops a nurse and tells her that Jane may need a sponge bath: "She had a little accident." You know, when I heard that Susan was going to have yet another love interest, I was less than thrilled. But I weirdly like her and Ian together. I don't know if I like them as a couple, and I still don't know how I feel about him (other than that he's capable of casually asking out a woman in front of his ill wife?), but at least their dialogue is funny.

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