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Live Alone and Like It

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Live Alone and Like It

MAVO: "Yes, life is a journey. One that is much better traveled with a companion by your side. Of course that companion can be just about anyone. A neighbor on the other side of the street." Lynette knocks on Mrs. McLandingham's door and Mrs. Landingham tells her to hold her water. "Or the man on the other side of the bed." Carlos rips up the post-nup and Gabby lets him into bed. (He never made copies of that contract? Really?) "The companion can be a mother with good intentions." Bree, wearing a sumptuous cream suit and a scintillating upsweep, thanks the Reverend for a lovely service. "Or a child that's up to no good." Andrew, wearing a suit, follows Bree out of the church, telling a worried-looking Reverend that indeed the service was very inspirational. The Reverend looks after Andrew's retreating form like he's waiting for it to burst into flame. "Still, despite our best intentions, some of us will lose our companions along the way," and Susan comes out of her house to check her mail, while across the street, Mike comes out to fetch his mail, "and then the journey becomes unbearable." Mike and Susan catch each other's eye for one, fleeting moment, then regretfully they turn to the business of mail. Oh, how they love the mail on Mysteria Lane! "You see, human beings are designed for many things." Noah is (still? again?) at the cemetery, gazing at his framed photo of Deirdre, which he now carries everywhere. "But loneliness isn't one of them. "

Next week on Desperate Housewives: We pause to let all the latecomers catch up with a series of snippets that review all that has come before, interspersed with one or two new bones for the regulars to gnaw on.

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