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Live Alone and Like It

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Live Alone and Like It

Mike stands in the kind of dimly lit garage where nothing good can happen. Out from the shadows comes Sullied Sullivan, here to hand off Deirdre's secret police folder. Mike asks if they have any leads, and gets some distinct Crooked Cop attitude. Apparently Sullivan doesn't much cotton to the idea of handing over a confidential police file to a murderer and drug dealer. Mike shrugs off the taunting and turns to leave, but Sullivan just can't leave it alone. "Is this what our justice system has come to," he pushes, "guys like you walking the streets without a care in the world?" Mike says he's done his time. "Not nearly enough, you piece of garbage." That's IT! Mike turns back to do a little nose-rubbing himself, thanking Sullivan's buy-off-ability for Mike's no longer being a murder suspect. Take that! Except Sullivan doesn't seem much in the mood for taking it. He's more in the mood for pistol-whipping Mike, kicking him in the ribs with vicious gusto, and then pistol-whipping him again. As Mike writhes on the oil-stained cement, Sullivan tells him that if anyone finds out about the file he gave him, there'll be one less cop killer on the streets. Mike is a cop killer? Did I know this? "And for god's sake, don't get any blood on the file." Oh, Sullivan.

Gabby is at a nice restaurant, sipping a glass of white wine and cuddling up with a new pair of strippy-strap gold shoes. She's wearing a complicated blue-on-blue satin dress, with draped elements that twist, circle, and tie to frame the bare rounds of her shoulders. A gentleman of a certain age gazes at her from across the room. He is wearing a dusty rose tie and matching shirt. Gabby and Dusty Rose make eye contact and tinkle their wine glasses at each other. The moment is interrupted by the ubiquitous Bitch Waiter, with his Ma'am Your Card Has Been Rejected, Perhaps You Have Another I Could Try? routine. Gabby sends him away, ostensibly so she can search for an alternate card but really so she can whip out her cell phone and call John. Apparently the credit card company called his mom due to some unusual activity. "I bought shoes!" Gabby yelps. Those strippy-strappies must be insanely expensive -- usually it takes more than one purchase before a card gets flagged. Anyway, John panicked and said the card was stolen. Gabby wonders why his parents were even called in the first place. Because they co-signed for it! Awww, Gardener John has a learner's card. Cute, but also a little sad. Gardener John is still so little. And Gabby is such a selfish opportunist. John suggests she just try to explain it to the waiter. What, tell him that the card got "canceled by my lover's mommy?" Gabrielle sniffs. John's alternate suggestion, that she return the shoes, meets with even less enthusiasm. "Return the shoes? I can't talk to you when you're being hysterical!" And with that, Gabby hangs up on him. Bitchy Waiter returns, and past his shoulder Gabby spies Dusty Rose fiddling with…wait! What is that he's doing? Is he CHECKING HIS SIDEKICK? Hey, I HAVE A SIDEKICK! I adore my Sidekick! Me, Snoopy Dog Dog, Dusty Rose…we are cut from the same gilded cloth.

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