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Ashes Make the Heart Grow Fonder

We're back with our way-overdoing-it Edie voiceover, as she tells us that that is how she came to finally rest on Wisteria Lane. Her ashes were spread over grass she once walked on, beneath trees that had given her shade, on roses she had admired, and beside fences she's gossiped over. [Aside from Lynette sprinkling Edie by the gym equipment her kids play on, the rest of them are basically sprinkling her on their flowers. Hope they don't all wither and die. ...Lynette's kids, too. - Z] She says that after her friends had finished saying good-bye, a wind came along and took what was left of her into the air. As she looked down on the world, she began to let go of it all: picket fences, cars, coffee cups, vacuum cleaners -- all of those things that seem so ordinary, until you put them together and they make a life, that was truly one of a kind. She finishes up by telling us it's not hard to die if you really lived, and she really did. Blech. Whatever. It was better the first time. Did anyone really want Edie to go out with that much sap?

Anyway, moving on to an Edie-free existence. Next week: Bree can't put up with something from Orson. Carlos sees Lynette naked. Gaby doesn't want Tom to cheat on Lynette, so he tells her to butt out. Susan apparently finds Creepy Dave and questions him. He tells her she needs to leave. We see a dead-looking arm draped over something. And Susan gets arrested -- possibly framed, even?

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