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Edie opens her door to greet Bree, still dressed in the outfit she had on at the prison. So, we are to assume that, instead of confronting Edie at the prison (since she was expected to visit Orson next), she left the prison, waited for Edie to get back from visiting him, and went to Edie's. Whatever, stupid timeline. Anyway, Edie asks what Bree's doing there, and Bree says she wanted to see her. Edie: "And you didn't bring muffins?" Hee. Bree seethes that it isn't that kind of visit. She walks in and Edie shuts the door. Edie asks if she should be scared or grateful, what with the lack of muffins and small talk. Bree says she stopped by the prison, and the guard told her Edie's been visiting, sometimes twice a week. She asks what Edie's up to. Edie says she's not up to anything, "you red-headed ice cube." She says he's only 15 minutes away, and she feels sorry for him, and knows what it's like to be exiled from suburbia. Bree asks if she's trying to start something up, and Edie says he's in jail. She knows her boobs are impressive, but they can't bend iron bars. [Are conjugal visits not available everywhere, or are they only for wives? - Z] Bree thanks her for checking in on him, and for answering her question. She gets up to leave.

Before she makes it out the door, though, Edie has a question for her: Why isn't Bree visiting him? Bree gets stuttery and says her schedule is unreal with the catering company and looking after Benjamin. Edie says everyone's busy, so what's her real reason? Bree says the jail is disgusting, with all those men in cages like animals. She says it's humiliating for her to even step foot in that place. Edie says that Orson went to jail for Bree; doesn't that give her some idea of how much he must love her? Bree says she does. Edie asks why she can't suck it up once a month and go say hi, then? To help him get through this? Bree looks away, and Edie tells Bree she actually shouldn't visit him, because he can do so much better than her. [Not in prison. - Z] She opens her door, and Bree walks out.

Then she's at the prison, sitting in an otherwise empty visiting room (she found the best time to come, when no one else has visitors, apparently), when Orson walks in. She asks how he's doing, and he asks how she thinks. She says she shouldn't have asked, because she knows it's horrible here. He asks how she'd know, since she's never been. She says he has every right to hate her for asking him to come here, insisting he turn himself in. She says she doesn't know what she was thinking, and he says she was thinking he needed to take responsibility, and she was right. She asks him if he can ever forgive her for asking him to do this and then never coming to see him. He asks her to be there when he gets out. They hold hands and she cries.

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