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Ashes Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Montage of Edie trying very hard to get drinks, but not having much success; and Gaby getting drink after drink brought to her. Edie does get a couple sympathy drinks, but then Gaby unzips her dress and flashes her bra. The bartender literally turns and gives her the drinks someone else had ordered. Ha! Take that, Edie. They're both putting the swizzle sticks in their purses. Edie thinks she won with her small handful of sticks until Gaby pulls out about three times as many sticks. Gaby excuses herself, because a certain swizzle stick owner has a yacht and giant feet.

Later that night, Gaby's pulling up at the Wisteria Lane park in a cab. Edie's sitting in a swing, looking sad. Gaby asks what the hell she was thinking, abandoning her at a singles bar? Edie says she's sorry, but she needed to be by herself for awhile. Gaby thinks Edie shouldn't be depressed about losing some stupid game. Edie says she's not depressed; just surprised. She says her youth has gone by so quickly, and the harder she tries to cling to it, the faster it goes away. Gaby tells her she's gorgeous, and that she'll stay that way forever. Edie says that's the tricky part: She's not going to be old. She's known since she was a child that she'd never see 50. She says a voice in her head has told her all her life to live it up, because there won't be a lot of tomorrows. Gaby tells her there is medication to get rid of those voices. But Edie says it's not a bad thing; it's a gift. She appreciates her life in a way most people don't. But she didn't expect it to go by this fast. Gaby says a voice in her head tells her that Edie's wrong -- that 50 years from now they'll still be acting the same way. Gaby wants to go to her house and drink wine.

Back in the car, Gaby says it's so weird that Edie knew she was going to die young. No one talks until Susan says, "What do you mean, you two were the hottest chicks on the lane?" Lynette: "She called me a 'baby factory'?" Mrs. McCluskey says that maybe Gaby shouldn't have told that part of the story after all. Gaby blows them off as they pull up to a fancy brick building that says "Beecher Academy." Bree thinks they're "here." They get out and Gaby asks if they're ready for this. Bree wonders if you can ever be ready to tell a boy that his mother's dead.

The five ladies knock on a dorm room door and ask Travers if he remembers them. He does, and asks if his mom's with them. They all get quiet, but Bree steps forward and gives him muffins, suggesting he can share them with a roommate or a teacher. He asks if his mom's in trouble or something. Lynette grabs him and sits down on the couch with him. She tells him the bad news: Edie was in a serious accident and died. Travers asks when, and they tell him it was a couple days ago. They've been trying to get in touch with Travers' dad, but he's apparently out of the country, and since Creepy Dave's never met Travers, he thought it would be best if they told him. Bree offers to give him a moment, but Travers just says he's okay. And he actually seems to be. He says, "Well, I have a class," and gets up to leave. Gaby says the school would probably understand if he needs to miss a few days. He doesn't need to. He's sorry she's dead, but they weren't very close. Bree says she was his mother. He says, "Technically. But not a very good one." Susan tells him that everyone here is a mom, and they all make mistakes. But they count on their kids growing up and forgiving them. (Aha. So that's how parenting works?!) Travers says his mom didn't even try to raise him. She just handed him to his father and walked away. He asks how they can expect him to forgive that. He says he's sorry to be rude, but he's going to be late. As he's walking out in his huff, Mrs. McCluskey grabs him by the tie and says he needs to know something about his mom, and she's going to tell him. She makes him sit down.

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