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Ashes Make the Heart Grow Fonder

We're in Mrs. McCluskey's flashback, where she's sitting on her couch, disheveled, drinking and wearing a robe. She says she'd only known Edie about a year when she came over this day. Edie comes in, and tells Karen her porch light's on (in the middle of the day? Egads!). When she sees Karen, she says, "Woah. Sitting in your bathrobe drinking and you didn't call me?" That's cute. I'm glad Mrs. McCluskey gets the last Edie story, because they actually were more like friends than Edie was with any of the others. Mrs. McCluskey says she kind of wanted to be alone, because it's the anniversary of her son's death. She says she thinks it will get easier every year, but it never does, that there's nothing worse than losing a child. She tells Edie she's kind of lucky she doesn't have any. Edie says she actually does have a son. Mrs. McCluskey asks how she doesn't know this after Edie's lived here for a year. Edie says he lives with his father, to whom she gave full custody. She says she kind of knows how Mrs. M. feels, since they both lost a kid, in a way.

Mrs. McCluskey is rightfully offended. She puts her drink down and says, "No. I lost a kid. You gave yours away." Edie says she gave her son up because she wanted to protect him from herself. She tried to be a good mom, but she knows herself. She knows that if he was going to grow up normal, he needed to be away from her. Mrs. McCluskey says that's a selfish cop-out. Edie says that there's nothing Mrs. McCluskey can say to make her feel worse than she already does, but if it gives him a chance, it's worth it. Mrs. McCluskey asks if she isn't afraid he's going to hate her. She says she loves him enough to let him hate her, as she cries. Mrs. McCluskey pours her a drink and says she hopes she's not making a big mistake. Edie says, "Me, too."

Back in the dorm room, Mrs. McCluskey says she's not defending everything Edie did, but he has to know that his mom loved him, more than he can imagine. He says he really has to get to class and leaves. The ladies head to the car, and Mrs. McCluskey calls shotgun. They comment on how good she is at calling it, and Gaby snarks that she should be since she rode shotgun on an actual stagecoach. That little piece of dialogue makes me mad for so many reasons. First of all, it's pointless. Second, was it just plugged in to fill time? Or to make an old joke? Because, third, if she's so good at it, why was she in the back seat the entire way to Travers' school? Gah. Stupid writing.

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