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Ashes Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Thankfully, Travers runs out to interrupt the silly banter. He tells them he realized he never thanked them for coming all this way just to tell him. He says it was really cool of them. Bree says they felt they owed it to his mom. Gaby realizes suddenly that they forgot to give him the ashes. She grabs them out of the car and gives them to him. Susan says she thought he might want to scatter them somewhere. Lynette makes me laugh, even in this sad moment, by adding, "Unless that's a little... weird for you." He asks for them to take her ashes. He says they were her best friends, and he's sure they can think of the perfect place to put her. Litter box!

The ladies arrive home after dark. Lynette's driving and everyone else is asleep. She tries to wake them, but they're all zonked, so she honks. [And then continues to talk to them like she's waking a sleeping baby, which is hysterical. - Z] They make small talk about her causing a heart attack and Susan's (or Gaby's) leg being asleep. They thank Lynette for driving, and everyone starts to get out. Mrs. McCluskey (who is, in fact, riding shotgun at least) tells them to hold it, since they have to figure out where to spread the ashes. They all sigh, like it's totally annoying. Mrs. McCluskey says it has to be a place that was meaningful to Edie. Gaby suggests finding the cow pasture where Edie told her she lost her virginity. Bree asks if they can do this tomorrow, since the ashes won't go bad overnight. They all get out, and Mrs. McCluskey goes home and sits alone with the ashes. She asks Edie what they're going to do with her, and then the wind blows her door open.

She gets up, of course, to go shut the door. But she looks outside and looks up and down the street and sees... Wisteria Lane. She tells Edie she's "subtle as always." The next day, they're putting the ashes inside five smaller containers, as Bree tells Mrs. McCluskey this was a wonderful idea. She says it wasn't exactly hers. Dude, Edie's dead; just take the credit! They all have their cute little white containers (they're like miniature urns). Bree thinks they should say something about Edie first, but Gaby thinks Edie wouldn't want them to be sappy. Mrs. McCluskey thinks if they're quick, she'd be okay with it. Lynette says they should each say one word that sums up what they thought of her. Gaby: "And then we dump her?" Lynette: "And then we dump her." Susan thinks this is hard, but Gaby says she'll go first. She chooses "sexy." Bree says "perceptive." Lynette says "strong." Mrs. McCluskey says "beautiful." Susan says she needs four words. They all get annoyed, but Susan says to do her justice she needs four words. Gaby says Edie would so not be surprised Susan's ruining this moment. Lynette tells her to go ahead, and Susan says, "one of a kind." They all look like they think that's perfect. [Imagine if she had said "unique"! - Z] And they part ways.

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