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Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

It is the day before Valentine's Day, and the men of Wisteria Lane are all scurrying around in a tizzy of fear. Rex sneaks into Casa OCD bearing candy and roses. Carlos dreamily signs a card. Mike makes dinner reservations. Gay Matt totally forgets the holiday until he sees a big red heart drawn around the 14th on the wall calendar and then he books to the car and peels out. Meanwhile, the ladies of Wisteria Lane are having what look like mojitos on Gabrielle's front porch. "So, Paul said that Zach killed Dana?" Gabrielle exposits to the crowd. She has bangs now. Just so you know. Susan confirms this. KimberBree thinks that it must have been an accident: "Little boys don't just kill their baby sisters." I have to note that Teri Hatcher looks lovely here. She looks so much nicer with less makeup on. Susan says that, no matter what happened, Zach is "seriously disturbed," and that she has forbidden Julie from seeing him. Lynette hands KimberBree the baby and notes that this must have been the secret Mary Alice was trying to protect. Gabrielle sighs that she feels sorry for Paul. Susan sort of wrinkles her nose up and says that she still thinks something isn't quite right. Other than the alleged baby-killing, the suicide of your friend, and the murder of your neighbor? You don't say. Oh, she means with the story: "Why keep Dana's baby blanket and throw out all the photos?" Why, it sounds like someone's been reading the boards! "And we never answered why Mary Alice referred to herself as 'Angela' in that therapy session," Susan reminds us. That's ALSO true! KimberBree announces that "Mary Alice loved Zach more than anything in the world. When you love a child that much..." She trails off, clearly thinking of how she's covering up Andrew's stint of possible vehicular manslaughter. "You're capable of doing all sorts of things," Lynette finishes for KimberBree, like she'd know. Everyone looks thoughtful. "Yeah," KimberBree finally says, mostly to the baby

Casa Murder/Suicide. Paul washes dishes. Out, out, damn spot, etc. The Divine Felicia, sister of Mrs. Kravitz, sweeps in, holding a huge Valentine's Day bouquet that was mistakenly delivered to her house. It's addressed to Mary Alice. Paul sadly notes that he forgot to cancel his standing order with the florist. Felicia makes confused faces, so Paul explains: "Mary Alice was my wife. She passed away a few months ago." Felicia tells him that she's sorry for his loss. "And I'm sorry for yours," Paul tells her. Felicia looks at him blankly. "Pardon?" she asks. "Your sister? Martha?" Paul reminds her. "Oh. Yes. Her," Felicia says. Harriet Sansom Harris is kicking so much ass in this part. She notices a picture of Mary Alice and Zach taped to the fridge, and chuckles with recognition. "Good lord, that's Angela!" she says, moving closer to the photo. "What?" Paul asks. "Angela Forrest! We worked together in Utah. Must be...fifteen years ago," Felicia explains. Paul moves his body in front of the picture and tells her that she must be mistaken. Mary Alice had never been to Utah. Felicia smiles that she could be mistaken, but she clearly doesn't think that's actually possible. "As I said, it's been years," she tells him; she gives him a thoughtful look, and goes.

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