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Love Is In The Air

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Love Is In The Air

Casa Perfection. Rex reads while KimberBree needlepoints. She notes that the next day is Valentine's Day, and he smiles that he already bought her gifts. "Roses and English toffee?" KimberBree asks. "Just like always," Rex sings. In case you're taking notes, I love roses and English toffee. "I suppose we'll make love tomorrow night, too?" KimberBree asks, and then notes anemically that she's "looking forward to it." Rex has no real reaction to this. Yeah, their sexual problems are totally resolved. "Are you looking forward to it?" KimberBree asks. Rex just looks confused about how he's going to get out of this line of questioning without lying. KimberBree finally blurts that she knows she doesn't "please him sexually," so she couldn't help wondering if he's really looking forward to tapping her hot ass or what. Rex groans, and she gets up and sits next to him, telling him she can't pretend this doesn't upset her. "You went to another woman for sex to give you something I couldn't. At least have the decency to tell me what that something is," she pleads. But Rex doesn't wanna. He can't, in fact, he claims. "Rex, please tell me," KimberBree asks. "Let me prove to you how much I love you." Finally, Rex squeaks out, "I like to be dominated." KimberBree: "Huh?" Rex gulps. "Sexually," he clarifies. KimberBree: "HUH?" Rex mutters, "Never mind," but KimberBree asks him to help her understand.

Cut to Rex and KimberBree watching bondage and domination porn, sitting as far away from each other on the sofa as possible. KimberBree looks vaguely alarmed, while Rex looks alternately turned on and ashamed. He stops the tape. "Well?" he asks. KimberBree looks hesitant. "What the hell did your mother do to you?" she finally asks, saying that this whole thing "reeks of unresolved childhood trauma." I can't wait until she works through this first reaction and then moves into trying to become the best damn dominatrix she can be. Rex insists that this has nothing to do with his mother. It's "a preference!" KimberBree wrinkles her brow. "It's a perversion!" she retorts. Rex yelps that she promised she would be supportive! KimberBree rolls her eyes: "What do you want me to say? 'My husband likes to wear metal clamps around his nipples, hurray!?" But Rex just wants her to try it. Just once. "Try what?" she asks. "Hurting you? You actually want me to hurt you?" Rex nods, almost gleefully: "So I can feel PLEASURE! YES!" Steven Culp's line reading there was great. These two actors are just divine together. "Fine!" KimberBree snaps, and slaps him: "So, was it good for you too?" She storms off.

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