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Next up: "Gabrielle and The Stripper." Ana's giggly on the phone on the Solis' porch as Gaby and Carlos watch from inside. It's Danny, whom Carlos wants to forbid her to talk to. Gaby says that never works, plus they can't just tell her that they overheard his parents talking and think they're evil. They debate what the Bolens did, but basically have no idea. Carlos doesn't care, though: He just wants to make them break up. But Gaby says they need a carrot, not a stick. Next thing we know, she's bursting in on Ana in her room. Ana snots, "Privacy," which would make me smack her if I were Gaby, who just tells Ana she has big news: She got a call from her photographer friend in New York, who now has his own modeling agency and wants to represent Ana. Ana squeals and says she has to call Danny, but Gaby says they need to go buy luggage since she has to go to New York right away. Ana wonders what about school and Gaby presents her with the sum of her own school-based knowledge: "World War II: Germany lost. Korean War: Korea lost. Vietnam War: We lost." But Ana still doesn't want to go, since she and Danny agreed to go to New York together after she graduates (I'm confused, though: Isn't he graduated? Why can't he just go with her now?)

Later, Gaby's at Susan's bitching about Ana when Robin comes in and weighs in that she thinks Ana's making a big mistake, because she once gave up her own ballet career for a boy, who dumped her a few months later. Then Robin hurt her leg and had to give up her dream. Gaby thinks that's a "perfect" story, because she's so selfish even Susan realizes that's not an appropriate response. But Gaby goes on that giving up something for a boy only to have her perfect dream spiral down the crapper couldn't be a better story for Ana. Robin guesses she could talk to Ana. Gaby thinks that's great, and tells Robin not to hesitate to turn on the waterworks, since nothing sells pathetic like stripper tears. Susan leans in and whispers to Gaby that it might help if she started taping her so she could hear what she sounds like. Yeah, I don't think that would help.

We miss out on the conversation that apparently occurred between Robin and Ana, but see Gaby and Ana coming home with their new luggage when Danny runs up and asks Ana what she needs luggage for. Gaby leaves them alone, then watches them argue about it. He thought they were going together, she thinks if he can't support her maybe they shouldn't be together. Gaby's thrilled. We jump ahead again, to Gaby catching Robin going for her run. She thanks her for helping with Ana, who Gaby just dropped at the airport. Robin asks why Ana was fighting with Danny, and Gaby says they were breaking up, which was the whole point of Robin talking to Ana. Robin says Gaby didn't tell her that (but didn't she sort of tell her that?), and she doesn't like being used. Gaby tells her Ana's gone, and she owes her big time. But then Robin heads to Danny's and says they need to talk. He's depressed and says it's not a good time, but Robin pushes. Cut ahead again to Gaby telling Carlos she talked to her photographer friend, and Ana's all settled into her dorm. They toast to her being miles away from Danny, then the camera moves outside as Danny gets into a cab. Okay, so far that was my least favorite, because they tried to fit too much in and ended up having to leave big, important (or as important as this show gets) chunks out, such as Ana and Robin talking. Doesn't that seem like an important detail? [Wasn't it just the same story she told Gaby and Susan? - Z]

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