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"Susan and The Stripper." Susan's. Mike arrives home to the dinner Susan's preparing, which means she's unwrapping takeout and putting it on a plate. Mike winces about his hurt back, so Susan says she'll call the chiropractor the next day. But Robin says that won't be necessary since she can't fix it. She has all sorts of experience from the women throwing their backs out at Double D's. [Because of the stripper pole, not because of the weight of their double-Ds. - Z] Useful stripper skills! She cranks on him, and Mike feels so much better. Robin says it's the least she can do after all they've done for her and gives him a big hug. Susan looks on happy, and then seems a little less happy at the length of the hug. But that's nothing compared to what she comes in on the next day: Robin's walking all over Mike's back. I know that sounds innocent, but she's totally wearing a skimpy gym suit while doing it. Susan's obviously bothered, but because this is television, neither Robin nor Mike realizes it. Robin explains this how the Buddhist monks fix back pains. Susan pretends to be okay with it and says she'll go make dinner.

While she "cooks" (in the microwave), Susan tries to talk about her day and ignore the "How does that feel?" and "Give me all you got" talking coming from the next room. Then it steps up to "You're the boss" and "I'm going to grab it and pull." Susan tells them about a friend's diarrhea as Mike says, "Oh yes! Oh yes!" Susan runs in and finds Mike with one leg over his head and Robin laying down, pushing it there. Mike tells Susan this is incredible, and those monks really knew what they were doing. Susan practically cries, but hides it well enough for the idiots not to realize she's upset. Next day, Susan's leaving to help the homeless with her school when Mike's getting home. He repiped an entire house and his back hurts, but he says he'll just have Robin crack his back when she gets home. So Susan decides to stay home and help him. Her logic: The homeless have been hungry this long; what's a little longer? Susan wants to take a shot at Mike's back, which he points out is his spine. But she says Robin didn't exactly go to medical school. So she mimics what Robin did and winds up injuring him. Cut to the hospital. Mike's in a neck brace and Susan's trying to pass the blame to him for moving when she counted to three. He tells her to just go.

In the hall, Robin arrives with MJ. Susan sends MJ in, and Robin asks why she didn't wait for her to take care of Mike's back. Susan says she really didn't want Robin to do it, but Robin doesn't understand. Susan says she's trying to be cool, but it was hard for her to see Robin all over Mike wearing next to nothing. She asks how she was supposed to react, since Robin used to be a stripper. Robin says yes, she was a stripper, but Susan was the only one who didn't treat her like one -- until now. She apologizes if she crossed a line with Mike, but after working in the club, she doesn't know where the line is. Robin says she should maybe move out, because she wants them to be friends for a very long time. Mike screams in pain in the room, and MJ comes out and says "Daddy needs help making the bed go back down!" Heh. He's his mother's son.

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