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Now it's just "Robin," as she bumps in to Mrs. McCluskey on the street. Mrs. McC wants to make sure no one's giving Robin any guff about being a stripper, and says she used to model women's garments for Sears. "These breasts put me through college. They're real by the way." Robin: "They look real." Mrs. McC is happy people are being nice, and Robin says what's nice is people actually see her. She spent years with people looking at her, but no one really saw her. She says that Mrs. McC's neighbors see past all the stuff people usually look at. MAVO picks up that Robin was right: The people she'd met on Wisteria Lane had really looked at her. And they'd seen her sense of morality (as she walks by Gaby, out sweeping her porch), her loyal heart (Susan, checking her mail), her surprising insight (Bree, screwing a light bulb into a walkway lamp), her forgiving nature (Lynette, taking out the recycling). "Some people had even taken notice of her incredible beauty." She shows up at Katherine's, and they smile at each other as Robin heads inside. MAVO: "And they were surprised to discover they liked what they saw." Final close-up of a smiling Katherine. I like where this is heading. And I like that they've extended Julie Benz's stay on Wisteria. Maybe she can be the new housewife.

Next week: Lynette and Tom have trouble with Penny this week, because they forgot her birthday. Gaby moves in with Tom and Lee while her kids have chicken pox. Katherine and Robin get all sexy together. And Roy kisses Susan, who looks like a total plastic surgery patient. Marcia Cross's face used to bother me so much, but now Teri Hatcher's does. It is me, or are their faces in a constant state of flux?

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, wonders what very special lesson I would learn in "DeAnn and The Stripper." You can contact her at

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