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Money is Not the Root of All Evil

Gaby's trying to put on her dress, but she and her tailor, Jean, can't zip it up. She can't figure this out, since she's only two pounds from her runway weight. She's going to try peeing again, when Jean explains that after you have kids, the weight redistributes and Gaby should give in to it, like Jean did. Gaby tells Jean she didn't just give in, she slapped a piece of cheese on it. Of course: Everything's better with cheese. And also, I don't like this Gaby. I like her better nice. Speaking of not nice, Gaby sees Edie running by and asks her to wait up. I thought Gaby was going to try to go running with Edie, but instead she asks how she can lose five pounds in a day. Edie first suggests drinking until you puke, but then says she did it through her intense boot camp workout class ("very military; very intense"). But you can't get in without a referral, and no way is she referring lazy Gaby, who will embarrass her. When Gaby says Edie's just worried Gaby will look better than she does, Edie tells her to be there at 6 a.m.

Mike can't believe that Susan wants to spend MJ's college tuition on first grade, and Susan says she knows they might have to give up some luxuries. Mike agrees: luxuries like food and heat. She reminds him of all the problems at MJ's public school, and now there are even budget cutbacks. Oak Ridge, on the other hands, is fabulous. Though with a name like Oak Ridge, it sounds more like a mental institution than a school. Mike would kill to send MJ there (Really? Start with Creepy Dave!), but he doesn't have a lot of money right now. Susan tells him her editor quit and her books aren't flying off the shelves, so could he pick up some extra shifts? He's already working around the clock, so he can't pick up more shifts. She asks what he did from the money he made on some big job he just finished. He tells her they're not married, so what he does with his money is not her business. She doesn't have a good comeback, and he leaves anyway.

Over coffee, Bree hands Lynette an envelope with a check inside, since she knows Tom and Lynette are going through some rough times. There's a lot of back and forth about whether Lynette can or will accept it, and then she finds out it's $20,000 (now that is a friend!), and tells Bree she can't take it as a loan or gift, but how would Bree like to be 15 percent partner on Scavo's? Bree is totally in, since she was going to just give it to Lynette as a birthday gift anyway. They shake on it. That's totally how business is done on Wisteria.

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