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Money is Not the Root of All Evil

Mary Alice tells us how mad it drives Susan to see her child's tuition around Katherine's neck. She quickly decides how to get it back. She calls Katherine and asks her if she could run across the street and make sure Susan locked her door. Katherine obliges and, while she's out, Susan breaks in. She's looking through everything for the pearls, but can't find them. Katherine, of course, gets back quickly (who didn't see that coming?), so Susan hides under the bed. Katherine comes in and removes her pearls and clothes before hopping in the shower. Susan tries to crawl out from under the bed, but her jeans catch on something, and it makes enough noise that Katherine thinks Mike's there. Susan gets out from under the bed right as Katherine comes out with her towel open, ready for Mike. Susan grabs the pearls and runs out of the house. Katherine chases her in her towel, asking for her pearls. Susan tells her "Pearls or towels," saying she's been naked on this street and would like to take the heat off that story. She ends up telling Katherine that Mike told her he couldn't afford to pay for MJ's private school, and now she knows why. Susan's snotty, but Katherine is shocked that Mike wouldn't pay for MJ's school. Just then, a boy from the neighborhood wrecks his bike while gawking at Katherine in her towel, so the ladies break up with plans to discuss it later.

Susan and Katherine are sitting together on Mike's front porch when he pulls up. He realizes this can't be good. He walks up and Susan waves the pearls in his face, asking what happened to being broke and unable to send MJ to private school. Katherine much more reasonably tells him how much she loves his generosity, when Susan butts in to tell him he can't go around blowing MJ's education money on his girlfriend's jewelry. She asks if they cost him $4,000 or $5,000, and he tells her they were $129. He admits they're fake. He knew that Katherine wanted pearls and he couldn't afford real ones, so he got her these, and she didn't know the difference until stupid Susan butted in again. Mike tells Katherine he wanted to get her a nice gift. She tells him he never has to spend money to impress her, because she's already very impressed. They kiss. Susan says, "Okay, okay, point made; move along." Katherine goes inside to fix them dinner. After she's gone, Mike yells at Susan for thinking he would buy Katherine pearls instead of paying for MJ's school. Susan tells him MJ needs this school, and she's so sorry they're falling short. He tells her he's been at work all day, is home to inhale a five-minute dinner, and then is back at work until midnight. He's busting his ass, so if they're falling short, it's not because of him. Go, Mike! Susan so needed that.

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Desperate Housewives




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