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Money is Not the Root of All Evil

Gaby and Carlos are in bed when their phone rings. She answers, and it's her boot camp trainer, asking where she is. She's all, "Yeah, I'm done with that," but he won't take no for an answer. She suggests he talk to her lawyer and hands the phone to Carlos, who just snores. Then she hears the trainer outside, where they're on her front lawn doing jumping jacks. Gaby goes outside to try to get them to leave, but they're staying put. She storms inside, and Edie follows her. She tells Gaby if she doesn't come back, he'll take it out on the rest of them. Gaby doesn't care, because she thinks a lot of those other women need it, but she doesn't. Edie tells Gaby she's a spoiled, selfish brat, but Gaby thinks she should lighten up, since it's a stupid exercise class. Edie says that class is filled with women who bust their asses, despite kids and jobs. Gaby says that's because they're crazy. Then Edie tells Gaby that the instructor didn't make them come over; they did it because she told them it was important to get into that dress. They came to support her. That seems to have convinced Gaby, but Edie's not done yet, of course. This is Edie, after all, so she must get her jabs in. She says Gaby has the old Gaby back: "a self-centered, obnoxious jerk." Edie liked poor, paunchy Gaby better, because at least she had some humility. Except that Edie didn't like that Gaby better. But it works: Gaby goes outside to join the rest of the boot campers.

Bree's at Scavo's getting ready to sign her book when she's approached by a woman who says Bree's turkey tetrazzini saved her marriage. Then she tells Bree how excited she is to taste her food, since the chefs of Scavo's are cooking the four-cheese pizza from Bree's cookbook. Bree is definitely surprised to learn this, and she heads to the kitchen. She catches Lynette using commercial parmesan instead of fresh and has a fit. But Lynette thinks it's the same thing, and not a big deal. Bree thinks for this recipe it's a big deal. Lynette gets called away because Tom is dealing with an overflowing grease tap. This is perfect timing for Bree to make some new three-cheese pizzas (no fresh parmesan at Scavo's, apparently, which is odd for an Italian restaurant). Bree ends up throwing the pizzas Lynette made into the dumpster out back.

At Scavo's for Bree's book launch/thank-you party, Creepy Dave is telling Tom how happy he is for him getting this place packed tonight. Creepy Dave had faith in Tom, though, making this happen without Bree's help. Tom has to go check on the grease trap, which is fine since Creepy Dave's heading out anyway. Lee catches Tom as he's headed to the grease trap and Lee tells Tom that Creepy Dave's not his friend. He asks if there's someplace they can talk.

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