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The Mask

Mike's staring out the window when Katherine comes up with a flower arrangement. He asks when she's getting her teeth cleaned, and she says the 14th. He remembers they have play tickets on the 15th. She says yes, but why. He says he's trying to figure out a good time to get married. She's all, "I'm sorry, what?" He says he knows it wasn't the most romantic proposal ever, and he probably shouldn't have led with the teeth cleaning. She says she can overlook it, says yes, and asks what brought this on. She says she's happy and he says he loves her. As she hugs him, she sees what he was staring at out the window: Susan and Jackson, unloading a car.

Orson's upset that his award and other stuff is broken. He gets taking things, but doesn't get breaking stuff you're leaving behind. Bree says they're robbers, not personal shoppers. He thinks whoever did this should be shot. Bree wonders if Orson's kleptomania victims felt the same way. He tells her she's right: He never realized what his stealing put people through, and maybe this is karma. She sees a drawing of the mask on the table and asks what it is. He says he drew it from memory, and they reminisce about when he got it for her in Venice, after she told him she felt like she'd been wearing a mask all her life, but she felt like with him she could finally be herself. It's very sweet. I don't know why they're making Orson out to be bad. I love him. He sent the drawing to the shop, and they're going to make her a new one in about a month. She can't believe he went to all that trouble, so he says she must not know how much she means to him.

Katherine's phone rings, and it's Creepy Dave. He tells her he put together a speaking tour in Seattle and Portland (the ticket in his hand says Air Brazil). She thinks it might be too soon to get back to work. He wonders if she'll check in on the house now and then, and she says of course. Someone knocks on the door, and she asks Creepy Dave to hang on while she gets rid of them. She leaves the phone on the table and answers the door. It's Susan, who's looking for Mike. He's not there, so Susan spills it all to Katherine. She's marrying Jackson to keep him in the U.S. So, unless Mike will keep paying her, she can't get married. Katherine says Susan has to. She means, "Poor Jackson." She'd hate to see him deported back to... where again? Susan says Canada, and Katherine says, "Brrrr. It's so cold." She'll talk to Mike for her, and says she'll have her answer tonight. Katherine goes back to the phone and says, "Sorry, Dave." But he's hung up, gleefully, after hearing everything.

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