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Back at the hospital, Lynette's paying a visit to the only person there who wasn't in the fire: Anne Shilling. Lynette asks her if she's going home, but Anne says the two cracked ribs and black eye is everything she needs from there, thank you. Anne heard about the night club burning down, but hadn't heard that her husband was blaming Porter. She's shocked, and says Porter would never do that. Lynette then gives her a big fat envelope of money and tells her to take the money and run or face statutory rape charges without the money. Lynette's going to pick Anne up and give her a ride to the bus station tonight, and she's holding on to the money in the meantime.

Susan shows up at Katherine's door, needing some "girlfriend time." In the kitchen, Katherine's baking cookies. And, seriously, Susan, are you blind to anything that is not about you? Nevermind. I already know the answer to this, so I shouldn't be surprised she doesn't see what's going on yet. Susan tells Katherine she was upset to find out Mike is dating a friend of hers, and she thinks it must be Lisa Wallace. Katherine feigns shock, but then comes to Lisa's defense about every point Susan makes against her. Susan picks up a cookie while she talks, and takes a bite. Guess what? Macadamia nuts. She spits it out just like before and realizes Mike's been eating Katherine's cookies. She storms out, with Katherine following, trying to explain herself: She was going to tell her. She didn't think it would be a big deal. She's been so lonely. Katherine says she should have listened to Bree, who told her weeks ago to tell Susan. Susan storms off to Bree's, where she wakes her from a much-needed nap to ask why she didn't tell her about Katherine and Mike. Bree tells her it wasn't her place to tell Susan, it was Katherine's. She's sorry, but Susan says that's not good enough. This is just the same as lying to her face, and she always thought Bree was honest. So sleepy Bree gives her honesty, telling her she didn't really want to divorce Mike and never stopped loving him, and that she's not really mad at Bree or Katherine or Mike, but at herself for letting the marriage fail. Susan asks what she's supposed to do, and Bree tells her to either tell Mike how she feels or move on, because that's what he's trying to do and this isn't fair to him. Bree goes back inside to continue her nap, leaving Susan deep in thought. Or at least as "deep" as Susan can get in thought, which is probably fairly shallow.

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