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Mary Alice's voiceover brings us back to the hospital hallway with talk of all of the recovery going on: A husband licks his marital wounds after a battle. That would be Orson, whom Bree smiles at slyly. Two parents rally after an attack of doubt (not to be confused with an attack of "gout," which is much more painful. This would be Tom and Lynette, back at the hospital to check on Tom's stitches, with Porter in tow. A wife has been cured of low self-esteem. That's Gaby, watching as the doctor checks Carlos's eyes. A pair of lovers find honesty to be the best medicine. Katherine and Mike walk arm in arm, and Edie rubbernecks as they walk by her. Sadly, Mary Alice says, some people suffer from an affliction they'll never recover from. Creepy Dave walks in, and approaches the detectives, who are still at the hospital. How much time passed in this episode, anyway? Creepy Dave tells them that he remembered something he should have told them. He was back by the storage room before the fire. Oh, good, he's going to tell the truth, right? Oh, wait, the season's not even close to over, so no; not happening. Instead he says he saw a kid from his neighborhood, Porter Scavo, in the storage room.

I have issues with this. I get that Gale Harold was injured so he couldn't be in the episode, but if we are to believe Jackson was really only getting stitches and that the detectives actually questioned everyone, wouldn't they know that Jackson saw Creepy Dave coming out of the storage room before the fire? I feel like this is a huge detail not to include, and I know it's where they originally were going to go with this. Can't they have his testimony take place off-screen, but have someone tells us about it or something?

Next week: Gaby asks if Carlos can see her, and it seems like it's fuzzy. Porter has an alibi during the fire. He was at Edie's. Tom hopes he wasn't having sex with her too. Um, no, Tom; she was at the bar and actually noticed the fire first. Katherine tells Susan that things would be easier with MJ if Susan didn't talk trash about Katherine and Mike dating. Susan says she'd never do that, and then MJ throws a bowling ball on Katherine's toe. Ouch! Andrew tells Bree and Orson he's going to marry the doctor, but then Tom and Lee tell her they think they saw the doctor in gay porn. Um, a doctor who moonlights in porn? Not likely anywhere outside of Fairview.

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