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Back in the present, in her cute skirt, lacy top, and cardigan, she looks much better. Tom shows up to head to the party with her, and they just head down the street without checking in on their kids or anything. I certainly hope Lynette told the boys to keep an eye on Penny, since all she did was send her inside without any sign of a babysitter. Anyway, as they walk to the party, Tom shows Lynette an RV brochure and tells her he'd like to take the kids out of school and go "boppin' around" (he actually uses those words) for a year in "one of these sweet rides" (those, too). She thinks he's crazy, because of this little thing called their restaurant. He's all over that, and has already found someone who wants to buy it. He's been talking to a potential buyer for a few weeks, and said yes just this afternoon. This is why I don't get annoyed at Lynette for being controlling: because no matter how hard she tries to be, Tom is too clueless to get it, and still does whatever he wants with little or no regard for her. Not telling her he's considering selling is bad enough, but selling without even talking to her? That's practically divorce-worthy. But, as if to prove my point, he's completely oblivious, and when Bree and Orson walk by just then, he turns and follows them to Susan's with a "Hey guys! You ready to party?" Well, they certainly don't look ready to party. But then, neither does our wife, and you haven't noticed that yet either.

In yet another mirror in the most uptight house on all of Wisteria Lane, Bree's applying eyeliner when Orson walks in all dressed up and looking dapper. He tells her he'd like to look the part when he tells everyone he's her partner. She doesn't want him to tell people yet, but he's more than a little ready to finally have an answer when people ask him what he's doing. She makes excuses for not wanting to talk about it tonight, but he realizes that it's because she hasn't told Katherine yet, and she knows she'll be furious. Orson's not worried about Katherine, and doesn't get why this is so difficult for Bree. We zoom in on a glass of wine, as Bree flashes back to the champagne brunch the day before Orson went to prison. Orson's getting drunk, and Bree's not sure that's a good idea, but Orson doesn't think he has to be in top form on his first day in prison. Bob and Lee are there, and Andrew and Katherine, and everyone thinks drunk Orson is hilarious, except for two people. Bree is one of them, and I'll let you guess who else. Orson says he's so lucky to have Bree, because most inmates don't get a champagne brunch farewell. The gay men make gay-themed prison jokes about "cavity searches" and Orson being "husband material." Bree does not approve, even a little bit. Orson tells her it's all in fun, and everything's fine except his empty glass. She takes it into the kitchen, fills it, and drinks the whole thing down in two big gulps. Uh-oh.

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