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We flash ahead and Katherine finds a hung-over Bree in bed. Bree would like Katherine to go away and cater the lunch herself, but Katherine's not going anywhere. She talks to Bree, and is an actual good friend. (What?! On Wisteria?!) Bree explains the drink she had the day before Orson left, and adds that after Danielle took Benjamin away, she saw no reason to stop. She says she has nothing left, but Katherine points out that she has the business. Katherine tells her they all have voids in their lives, but Bree shouldn't fill hers with wine. Katherine tells Bree to accomplish things and imagine the woman she could be by the time Orson comes home. Bree says Orson will be so ashamed of her, and Katherine says he won't, because he won't find out about this. And Katherine's even going to move in to help Bree get sober again, so that she can become a famous cookbook author who doesn't give nearly enough credit to someone who did this for her. Given this revelation, I really hate Bree for stealing Katherine's recipes without crediting her. Maybe that episode was in the can before they came up with this reveal, but it still pisses me off. Continuity matters. Anyway, Katherine says that after she gets Bree through this, that scary woman over there (the drunk mess Bree in the mirror) won't be seen in this house again. And then the mirror turns from old, scary Bree to current, scary Bree. Because, let's face it: Bree is scary-looking because of her Botoxed and/or plasticized face. She actually creeps me out in this mirror changeover to the point that I think she would make a good horror movie villain. Or at least next season's creepy neighbor.

Present Bree and Orson walk to the party, and he tries to convince her to let him tell people. He says the party's the perfect opportunity, because if Katherine doesn't congratulate him and act happy about it, she'll look petty. Bree points out putting Katherine in this position instead of giving her fair warning is even worse (which it is, but then, so is stealing her recipes). Bree tells Orson he is not allowed to tell anyone, and he says partners don't really tell each other what to do. So she fires him. Which ... not so much a partnership, now, is it? They walk by Lynette and Tom right then and Tom asks them if they're ready to party.

Creepy Dave shows up at the party with a cake, and after Susan takes it, he looks in a mirror. This is where I hoped for a flashback to five years earlier so we could find out what is up with Creepy Dave, but we only get a flashback to what seems like earlier in the week. Mrs. McCluskey is going through Edie and Creepy Dave's mail. When he catches her, she says there was a letter for Edie in her mail and she was returning it and seeing if any of hers got switched. He goes inside and asks Edie if Mrs. McC is still asking questions, and she says a few, but not to worry; it's just what old people do to fill their time. She mentions that Mrs. McC will be 70 next week. Creepy Dave wants to throw her a party, but Edie says she's already taking her to drinks, and doesn't like having her in her house. They decide Susan can host a party, but Edie doesn't get why he wants to do this. He explains it's a big day for Mrs. McC, and he wants to make sure it's special. We flash ahead to just before the party, when Creepy Dave is reminding Edie how to get Mrs. McC over to Susan's. When Mrs. McC arrives, Creepy Dave tells her he's trying to be friends, but she says she has enough friends. Apparently, this is how Creepy Dave tries to be friends: While she's out for drinks with Edie, he sneaks into her house and moves everything around -- taking pictures off walls, moving her entry table, and leaving a baseball bat right in the middle of the couch.

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