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They're taking Mrs. McCluskey away in an ambulance, and letting Creepy Dave do all the talking. He's telling the paramedics that she was "babbling" and "totally disoriented," and he hopes it's not dementia. The paramedics promise him they'll tell the hospital she needs a psych evaluation. She appears to be asleep, so I'm guessing the paramedics sedated her. Susan tells Jackson she hopes Karen's okay. He hopes so too, but isn't ready to make up with Susan unless she'll tell him the relationship has a future. She thinks it's been working pretty well and wants to keep going the way they are. He guesses he has his answer, and walks away. Orson walks up to Bree and says they're taking good care of Mrs. McC. She tells him he doesn't understand what she owes to Katherine, and he's like, "You're right. I don't. EXPLAIN IT." She starts to tell him, and then we move on to Tom and Lynette, who think Mrs. McC will be okay, but aren't so sure they'll be okay. Lynette tells Tom that she gets almost dying; she had cancer, remember? But she said the pizza place was his adventure and they turned their lives around for it, something she's not willing to do every time he has a whim. She does have a point, Tom. At some point, you have to grow up and live with your decisions. She wants to call it a night since they have to work tomorrow, but when she asks if he's coming he tells her he'll come when he's ready. Like the garage band, this is another sign he might be just about done listening to her.

Carlos and Gaby are on their front porch. She wants to know how he could have done this, and he tells her it's obvious: He wants another kid. And it was worth lying. He hoped God had another miracle in store -- maybe a son. He says he'll call and schedule a vasectomy tomorrow, but she softens and says they'll use birth control until they both decide it's a good idea. They kiss. And even though their storyline probably doesn't matter to the mystery, I find them very adorable this season. Orson walks up to Katherine's and thanks her for what she did for Bree. He tells her that he'd consider it an honor to work with her. She says she thought she'd be working for him, since he'd be a partner, but he makes what I would say is the most humble sacrifice he's capable of if he hadn't already gone to prison for his wife: He tells Katherine that until she agrees to it, he won't be a partner, even if it takes two years. Katherine tells him he isn't going to last two months working for Bree.

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