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Back at the ambulance, Creepy Dave wants to be alone with Mrs. McC. She calls him out on having planned the whole thing in an attempt to get rid of her. He admits it and apologizes -- sincerely, I think -- that it had to be her. She tells him she knows he's up to something awful, and he gets teary-eyed and tells her she doesn't know what awful is. Neal McDonough is really owning this role, because he walks that line between threatening and heartbroken so well. That line, "You don't know what awful is," could so easily have come across ominously, as a threat, but he made it clear he's talking about something tragic that's happened to him. And those tears are why I now fully believe he's the husband/father of the people Mike and Susan hit and killed in the season opener. I just can't figure out what else could possibly be up with him.

Mary Alice talks us out of the episode with a bunch of not-at-all-related storylines. Lynette was surprised at her husband's RV plans. (Really? Really? This is all they could come up with for their montage ending?) Orson had learned about Bree's past, and it brought them together in a kiss. Gaby was moved by the motivations behind Carlos's lie (still, the lie's pretty bad, though, right?). And Susan's hurt that Jackson would leave so quickly. Which makes me want to punch her. He is trying to be with you, dumbass. His leaving is completely and totally your fault. But there are no surprises for Creepy Dave, since the night went according to plan. So now he moves on to destroying the man who ruined his life. But he has to move carefully, so it will be a surprise. So, yes, we know it's Mike. Is it too obvious that it's the accident? It does seem to be, but I just don't know what else it could be? Also, too many mysteries have involved Mike. I'm over that. I realize it was a way to keep him connected, since he's no longer with Susan, but I'm not a fan. Give someone else a chance... to have a rageaholic potential murderer after them.

Next week: Everything is naughty. Susan sneaks into a shower only to find something that makes her scream. Bree finds out someone slept with someone else. Carlos's massaging skills seem to give at least one client a happy ending. And Lynette finds Tom with a woman (or that's what the preview people want us to think; I don't buy it).

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