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MAVO comes crawling back into our lives to explain that we're all searching for that one person who will provide what's missing in our lives. I have already found that person. His name is George Clooney. "Someone who can offer companionship," she says, as we cut to KimberBree, calling George and asking him out again. "Or assistance," she says, and Lynette calls a nanny agency and asks if they have anyone experienced and ugly to send her. "Or security," she says, as we cut to Gabrielle calling Carlos and telling him that she found his passport. She tosses it onto the table, all charred and burned up. Like that's not suspicious-looking. "And sometimes, if we search very hard, we can find someone who provides us with all three." Cut to Susan on the phone with Mike, saying that she just called to tell him that she loves him. Again. Some more. Dial it down, Little Miss Needypants.

Meanwhile, some dude is jogging through the woods with his dog. "If we can't find them, we can only pray that they find us," MAVO finishes, as the Dude and His Dog find Mrs. Kravitz's dead, dead body. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dummmmb.

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